Sunday, September 10, 2006


I dont really have any exciting news about me today...or all week I want to tell you about Bear. Bear is the official trailer park dog. My mommy said she looks kinda like a husky crossed with a malmute. She is really pretty except in the summer when she was losing huge clumps of hair. Anyhow...when we first moved here we were a little scared of Bear cuz she is loose and roams the streets. She runs and barks at any cars that go to fast. One day my mom brought Bear a cookie. Then every day we went for a walk we would take a cookie for BEar. Then, every time she saw our car come home she would follow us so we would give her a cookie. One day when I snuck away from mom, cuz i wasnt on my said,"Bear go get MJ for me....and darnit if Bear didnt bring me home...just when I thought the adventure was going to begin. "...(i was too chicken not to listen to her)..anyhow she got cookies for that too. Now Bear is getting very brave. She lets mom pet her. And last week Bear started coming right to the door and sticking her nose in the window. It is like a cookie drive through. She gets a cookie every time though...(and I get one too or mom would feel guilty)..I havent seen ole Bear for a couple days...i hope she is just resting up. Thats my story for today...I have to go back and lay down with my big sister Sarah...she is busy mending a broken heart....I dont understand why they dont take her to the hospital to make it better...but mommy said it would mend on its own...I hope so....see you later MJ OUT...


Tigersan said...

It has been busy here... but me thinks me has caught up on your going-ons... me glad you had a slow day/week ;)

Me can "bear" with you ;)

Oh, there me goes again :p

e said...

Is bear dog a homeless doggy?
I was a homeless dog too living in an industrial dump. No one gave me pets or cookies though until my angel came to me oneday. She took me and my sister and even though it took us ages to find forever homes,I'm grateful she found us.

tigersan, me can 'bear' with you. hehehe.