Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh what A bEauTifUL DaY

What a great weekend mom took me to the bark park...and my favorite dogs were there. I would show you pictures of Pixie, Dude, and Stoker....but stupid Blogger is only letting me post one. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH...sometimes I get very I decided that if I have to post one better be good...and this my friends, is an awesome photo. Look at how stunning I am. Alll sunshiney and smiley. I was getting pretty darn sick of the rain. It was great chatting up all you dogs on the chat weekend. I hear we are keeping it going. That is so cool. My auntie Korna took me on a walk last night again. She is awesome. I think maybe I am overdoing it a bit though, because I had troubles getting into the car today. Mom had to almost push my arse up...and then guess what the old boot did....she shut the door on my tail. Golllly did that hurt. I don't know who felt worse, me or mom. (mom says mom) was an accident. Anyhow my tail isnt hurting now, and I hear there will be another awesome day tomorrow. So all you puppies out there have a great sunshiney week. See you soon...hope blogger will be more co operative. MJ OUT....

Friday, April 27, 2007

What a rainy Sleepy Day

Zippy and I are so tired of the yucky rain so we decided to rest up for the big blog chat tonight.

We sure hope to see you all in there tonight. I hope I can figure out where we have to go. Anyhow see you all tonight. I amjust going to go back to sleep....Zippy says Happiness in a warm doggy. MJ OUT

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Soooooooo Sooooooooooooo Bored....

So I bet you are all wondering what I have been doing since my little buddy Bella left me, well...this is pretty much it. Sleep on the futon sleep on the couch. I am so bored. And to make matters worse, by big sister Sarah...(the human one) just had to go to the hospital cuz her galbladder got mad at her, so the doctors took it away. She is okay now, but mommy was never home, so I was stuck home allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day with hardly any time for the beach.

Zippy is getting big. wow. She sure keeps busy. Mom says she sleeps all day and plays all night. It doesnt look like she is sleeping to me. She is tormenting me , that is what she is doing. We have a little fun together, but we sure miss Bella.

I thinks Zippy is up to something. I dont know what, but I am pretty sure she is about to bite something, probably my ear or tail. She loves my tail. It is fun to hit her in the head with it. Accidentaly of course.

Hoooooooooooooooo I am again. I was so sad to hear about Cheif. I sure hope Joey and the Doofus are doing alright. I know Bella isnt dead....but I am sure it is the same when you lose your wrestling buddy. Mom said we are going to find me a new puppy, she has been thinking and thinking and we decided we want a long coat dacshund. Anyone know where we can find one to adopt or canada. ? Anyhow time fo rme to go and mope around some more. Have a good day. MJ OUT

Thursday, April 19, 2007

MJ has a hurting heart.....

This is a lousy picture...but it shows how sad I am tonight. I thought I was looking forward to this day, but it seems I liked the little pup more than I thought. Tonight we had to take her to her new mommy. The good new is...her new mommy has a big hunk of a rotti named Titus. Wholey mother of Puppies is he a good looking man. I wanted to move with her but mom said that she would be way too sad. Daddy and Ricky are very sad too...and someone...not to mention any names...was a little naughty and went for an unschedules walk. Daddy and Mommy and Rick had to roam the neighbourhood. I just needed to get out and think about things...

Here is a picture of my last nap with Stinkerbell. She is soooooooooo lucky I didnt just let "one" go. Come to think of it...that would have been really funny. Why do I think of these things when it is too late. Bella's new mommy told us we could visit any time. Mom doesnt know if that would be a good idea. She is a little touchy right now.


This is Bella's nap with Zippy this afternoon. I dont knwo how they are going to sleep alone. The two of them like to sleep together. I am sure going to miss my little buddy..Mom is thinking of looking for another puppy that we can keep....someone a little smaller. anyohw I need to go and get some sleep. I will see you all on the weekend. MJ OUT>>>and sad....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Luckily I still have time to go and have a nice leisurly walk at my park. Lately I am very busy with my puppies. They are certainly a handful. They love to play and fight and jump and bite...what is a mama to do. Bella is a busy little girl. And I think I am doing a pretty good job with her. So far nobody has adopted her though. I hope someone does soon...I am afraid that I won't let anyone take her. She is so sweet....usually...accept when she wants my treats.

Aaaaah nothing like a good ole back scratch at the compost pile....hmmmm...i really must figure out how to get some smellavision going on here.

Here I am sleeping with Baby girl 1. I guess it is time to go to sleep again. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I am going to have to think of some more important things to tell you all tomorrow. MJ OUT

Friday, April 13, 2007

Today I took my foster sister to the park. She is fun to go with cuz she follows me everywhere.
Except there is one place that is for me only....oh my would love this place....It smells like Heaven....

Is this not the most beautiful sight you have ever seen. It is a compost pile. I dont know what that is but mom freakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks whenever I go near it. I am so sure she is just jealous cuz if she was rolling in it people would make fun of her. I smell sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Apparently it is an acquired smell, mom said the b when a dog smells the way a dog should smell...out comes the b word. Thankgoodness my pile will still be there for a while.. My uncle works down where this pile is...well...he doesnt really work, he just drinks coffee. Anyhow he said it is the ripest pile ever. I am so happy .

Look how brave little Bella is...she likes the evil dinocuz. Man...she plays with it forever. I told her it was evil, but she refuses to listen. Silly little girl. Well, it is time for me to go do something fun so I can get the kid in trouble. Womens work is never done. See you all later. MJ OUT.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Okay so this darn blogger is making me very angry. I am an important Blogger and I have pictures to show. Apparently Mr Blogger is only letting me post one or two pictures. Otherwise it puts up some nasty message. This is me with my new favorite stick. It never used to be my new favorite stick , but Bella got slobber all over it and now it is quite tasty. You gotta love that Puppy slobber. If anyone wants to see what she is up to, although I dont know why you would, you have to go to
So if you have time to waste...go for it. Right now we are just trying to find her a permanent mommy and daddy. Things with me are okay. I am trying my best to be a good foster sister. I went to the beach today, and Bella followed me, and we checked out some of my peeps, Bella was not that impressed. The kid has got to grow up. BUT...oh my doggggys....the raunchy smelling composte that was at the park ranger area....delicious....i rolled and i rolled and i rolled...if you could only scratch and sniff, you would love this picture. I think i heard the B word. I am hoping if I be really good, mom will forget. Anyhow gotta go and make sure Bella doesnt get any treats without me. See ya later. Tomorrow I will show some pictures of my favorite Puppy. I love her.....MJ OUT....

Monday, April 09, 2007

oh mannnnnnnnnnn remember the good ole days...when i slept alone

I am sorry about not posting very regularily...or only having a picture or two...but his ole good looking as i am....I AM POOPED OUT> it is like having twins. Noisy...misbehaving twins. The kitten is actually the less stressful for me. But I actually am annoyed with them equally. Appartently daddy says i am getting a little too growly.
Wouldnt he be growly if he had two babies trying to milk him. Geez....All I want is a good night sleep....with no b abies. The puppy may be cute...but man she wants everything that i have. She made my other puppy cry the other day. I had to go and give her a stern talking to. She listened to, for about two minutes.
Oh ya...we look rested...but for some reason they want to rest with me...i just want to sleep alone. One day life will be normal again. At least I got to go for a walk with Auntie meghan last rugrats...just me and mommy and auntie was awesssssssssssssssome. Anyhow I would like to thank everyone with the comments on how much prettier I am...I need all the flattery I can is tough sometimes with one puppy in the house, but two...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh....I gotta go...MJ out..

Friday, April 06, 2007

My New Puppy is here....

Look who is possibly the happiest dog in the world today...I , MJ, finally have someone to blame when something goes perfectly wrong. Missing butter, torn toys, meowing cats....I can finally blame .......Tinkerbell....Tink for short....

Has anyone ever seen anything, besides me, that is so darn cute. She is a completely different breed than Zippy...and she doesnt play quite as much....but ...I know she will be the utmost of help to me when the time comes....Ladies and Gentlemen....I introduce you to accomplice....hehehehehhe....MJ OUT>>>>more pics on the weekend...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Exhausted Adoptive Mama

Ya ya ya...this may all look sweet to you...but man...this puppy is exhausting me. She is a heck of a player. We wrestle and run and jump and she eats my food....(not a problem...i dont really like it...)...I eat her food...the only problem is that when it is time for me to sleep...she wants to play some more...Finally she thankful. On the weekend my mom and dad are getting another puppy to be foster parents of. She is a different breed than this one...she is a pitbull/bull said she will probably be as playful as zippy...oh no...Will I ever get any sleep again...I doubt is time for this ole girl to get some much deserved rest...where is that darn puppy anyhow....mj out....