Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just chillin....

my brother is so goofy

someone likes what he smells.....

aaaaaah nothing like a refreshing swim after dad says,"no swimming to day MJ"

Me (i am the canine) and my cousin my grammas birthday party

OH is that MY DAD touching another dog....

well things have been fairly quiet any how. Mom and dad took me to flemmings for my run...and man did I ever run. There is one part of the beach where I can fly through the tries to take a photo but I am just way too fast.
Yesterday was my grammas birthday....she is very old. I think. Cuz my mom is very old and gramma is older. Dad says he is just a young pup. Anyhow we had lots of company last night and it was very fun. we had fish and chips and the most amazing cheese cake with chocolate curls...hehehe...i love my pathetic look...I had alot of cheese cake...that is why I ran alot at the beach....i lost alot of weight this summer...and I like the way I look...hehehehe....I really dont care....but everyone tells me how good I look. Anyhow i m ust go now. Mom need the computer. So you all have a good night.....MJ OUT

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Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Hey MJ,

Quiet days are good sometimes too. Then you are rested and relaxed, ready for action when required:-)