Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vacations stink

hey ...MJ here....not too much to say here. Mom is better...although i think I like it better when she is at home. Her ankle is not hurting her so much. She said she took some magic pills today and it made her foot not hurt...and work was much more fun...I want some magic pills. Anyhow things are very strange around here. I see the bigggggggggggg purses coming out. Daddy is filling it will all this stuff....so far so good though..I havent seen mommy packing...I think...in case mommy does Pack i will sneak in her suitcase. She packs alot of stuff so i dont think she will notice another couple pounds...do you? Anyhow i gotta go and sleep..THe stress is making me very tired. Thanks God mommy re stocked the scooby snacks..yummmmy. Goodnight all...MJ OUT
Hey everybody..Mjs mommy here. We are leaving on a ten day vacation to the queen charlotte islands. Unfortunately MJ can't come with us. I will miss her like crazy, but she will be here with her brother and sister and uncles and friends, so I am sure she will not be short of entertainment. UNCLE TONY even said he would take her to the beach. Good times for MJ> Anyhow I am not sure she will be blogging while we are away. But Rick might help her out. You never know. (there wont be photos though cuz the camera is coming with me...So you all have a good two weeks. I cant wait to read all your blogs when I get home....

Monday, August 21, 2006

Pooey Pooooey...weekend

The CAT...on the other end of MY couch

Me looking a wee bit angry with mother

Okay so normally weekends are pretty rockin around the house...but since the whole BOOOOM incident last week, mommy has been very boring. All she wants to do is sit on her but...today she actually called back up to take me to the beach. I mean I know I should be happy that at least I got to go to the beach, but it just isnt the same with mom. (I know I am a bit sappy...but it is just something we do together.) But anyhow..today i was lying here on my couch...thinking that maybe if the mommy doesnt feel better, the vacation will be cancellled...and Mommy will stay home with me. This is maybe going to be a good thing for me. Or maybe there will be another big booooooooom...we can only wish. So anyhow i dont have too much to say..i have just been spending alot of time resting up. Mama says that byTuesday she promises me a walk somewhere. OH i guess I can hope. Anyhow MJ is OUTTA here...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pretty Victoria

This is where my sister works...

Pretty downtown

Beautiful paths

MY MOM said I should put some pretty pictures of where I live. The people on the news said people dont want to visit here because of beggers and tacky stores. Hmmmm...I wonder who those kazillion people downtown are that we pass when we go t the park? Anyhow since my other blog from today has no photo...I thought you would like to see some pictures of Victoria British Columbia.....

Did you all Hear the BOOOOM

This was a strange day. Mom and I went to gramma's to get some stuff. Then gramma gave me a treat. It looked like a weiner but gramma said it was a sausage....i dont care what it was....it was yummy...but gramma got a little worried when i went into the middles of her living room carpet to eat it....I do that...but I didnt make a mess...did I gramma.
Next on the way home we were going to go to Island View Beach...but my drive....as usual...got lost. So we ended up at a place called Beaver Lake. Hmmm...I was interested to meet these beavers. When we got there I got to play with a doberman puppy. Man that pup had the biggest ears that stand up so high...even higer than Floss and his kangaroo ears. I almost laughed out loud but then remembered...sadly...dogs cant really laugh out loud. Darn. So mom and i started on our walk to the water. I like to keep a few (about 50) paces in from of mom...(we royal types do that), so all of a sudden i hear this BOOM.....It freaked me out. Then I hear this groaning....I look back and there is my mom on the ground...on her hands and knees... I don't know what caused the huge BOOM, but I was hoping mom would quit kidding around and get up and get me to the freakin Lake. Anyhow...apparently the BOOM...made it hard for mom to get up ...so she called me to help her. So I went back to see what was going on....and she finally got up, and ewwwwwwwwwwwww...there was gross red stuff all over her knees. But she got up and said Okay, lets get to that Lake...I was a little concerned that there would be another BOOM , but I went along with her anyhow..we took about 10 steps and old mrs mom decides maybe we better get back to the car cuz her legs arent working very good. So being the wonderful dog I am ...I moped back to the car, and mom and I came home...so ...no Lake for MJ. Geez...I wonder what the BOOM was?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I sure felt like running today

mom likes pictures of pretty flowers...

there was a huge swarm of babies and mommies and wheely things....I want one of those wheely things to get walked in

This is the feerless MJ...climbing the rocks at
Dallas Beach...I wanted to go swimming but it was too far to the water

Well bloggers...MJ here...I have had a rough day. Mommy took me to Dallas road...and I ran and ran...but then I got the belly ache...poor me...I got the runsss.....i didnt know that running could make you get the runs.....but mommy said that is what i had. So we came home from the Beach and Mommy told me I should drink some water and have a nap. So I did that...then when I wasnt looking mommy and daddy sneaked away. I was hoping they would be right back...I mean who leaves a poor sick pup home alone with a grouchy old cat.? I will tell you who.....My mommy and daddy. Poor MJ is just sitting at home all alone...(with a grouch cat) and mommy and daddy are off wandering the island. Daddy finally got home without mommy. I was worried what he did with her...it was wierd really, he left with mom and came home with Rick...he is a tricky one. Then i slept all night...and now i feel better. But not so better that I am goign to stay awake...in fact...i am going to go and have a nap now.
Oh I forgot to tell you this...something else is going on..I keep hearing ma and pa talk about a vacation...and I was really getting happy cuz i like a vacation...(i think) but now i keep hearing them talking about Rick..and Sarah...and Sarahs friends...and the dog....Believe it or not...I sure can't...I dont think MJ is going on vacation. I think THEY are taking a vacation without me. Is that even legal? Isn't there some kind of doggy bylaw or something saying you can't leave your doggys at home when you go on vacation. SOMEONE HELP ME.... there must be some doggy lawyers out there...please let me know...i need to know quick...i hear that THEY are leaving on wednesday...that is only about 20 scooby snacks from now...............MJ OUT

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lazy Monday

Me taking my big brother for a walk..he is so slow, sometimes i have to stop and wait for him

Okay here he is again...he is kinda chicken of the water so i have to show him that it is safe...i am at the other side of the picture

Just checking out the big sticks...i dared my mom to throw this one...but she couldnt do it...wimp

Oh hello...what did you have for lunch....

This is a sea lion that was playing hide and seek with mom...see mom..even they dont like you with that dumb camera of yours

well peeps...i got tagged again, but i dont think i have to actually think of five more silly things do i ...who has the rules to this game..i am loving this game by the way...i hope someone thinks of another one really soon...
I dont really have anything to post...i was wondering though if anyone could explain to my mom how to get a site counter that works...we are curoius how many people read our blog....well my blog...moms pictures...if any of you dogs can help me.....give me a woooooof....

I've been Tagged...they love me...they really really love me

I know this is a repeat picture...but I will explain why in my 5 wierd things about me....

.The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." Then you tag 5 friends and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. Wherever i go...boy dogs want to play piggy back with me...even though I have been spayed...(whatever that means)
2. I eat Iams canned dog food..but.....here is where it gets wierd...I won't eat it in my doggy dish...only if my mom feeds me with a spoon
3. I hate to sleep with a light on...i always hide my head under something so it is dark
4. I beleive my parents everytime they say they are going to work, so i cant go in the car with them
5. when i play in the yard or in the water I like to act like a bucking bronco...and I am very good at it...

Anyhow that is that....I also wanted to tell you the dirty trick my sister cat Poshton played on me tonight....(she is 19) Mom said she smelled something bad....kinda like poop...and sometimes sister poops on the floor....anyhow mom looked everywhere and finally found it on the couch i was sleeping on....right by my bum...Seriously dude...can you believe the stupid cat thought she would get me in trouble...I have never ever went to the bathroom in the house...well not since i was about 7 weeks old. Anyhow I gave Poshton my evilest eye...she ignored me completely...and i went back to sleep...so
I tag......OPY...amazing grace ...thomas peterson....TAz and Alfie Mcfluff
Talk to you all tomorrow...too bad its gonna be monday...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

MMMmmmmm Ice cream

Please give me some ice cream dad

Ya thats what I want...MJ loves ice cream

Ummm hey there....is there some more ice cream dad?

See...now that is what I love about having dad home...

Okay so by the pictures you will know that MJ loves icecream...I will stoop too all kinds of lows to have some ice cream..I am MJ and I am an ice creamoholic. Is there some kind of a 12 step program for Icecreamoholics? I want some more ice cream..they keep it locked up in this really cold place....maybe when they sleep i will get in and get some. Would you like to share with me my dogblog buddies.....

Friday, August 11, 2006

My visit with my cousin Maggie

Maggie and I chasing each other
I found Maggies Pigs ear...so i need to hide to eat it..(daddy took it away from me and gave it back to maggie...see that would NEVER have happened if he was still on the boat...)
Me looking at Maggie wondering if there are any other things hiding in aunties back yard...I bet there is
This is my AUnties sunflower...isnt it pretty, it is almost as big as the house.

So today was fun...Mom and Dad surprised me and took me to Sooke to see my favorite little doggy cousin Maggie. You have seen pictures of her before. She is a black cocker spaniel...and man does that little girl have energy. We played and played and played ....then i found her pigs ear and dad took it away and then it wasnt fun any more so I made THEM take me home to where I am appreciated. Uncle Les let me give him a big kiss. He won't admit it ...but I know he wants me to go and spend a week in his new camper with him. Wouldnt that be fun...I could lie on the bed in the camper and watch TV with the A/C on...and silly maggie and auntie and uncle Les could do all that silly camping stuff. The camper is really nice. Anyhow it was a nice visit. So right now I am pooped out so I am going to go and lie on the couch with DAD..ya sometimes you gotta lovemmmm....just in case a treat might fall in my mouth or something....bye for now....everyone have a good weekend...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

MJs day at saxe

come on mom....let's hit the road
Queen MJ at saxe point
Come on mom...let me play ..stop with the darn camera

Okay so today was basically pretty quiet. MOM was at work forever...so guess who was stuck at home with HIM....His leg hurts...so he couldn't take me to the park...man...men always have an excuse. So mom came home, we at the supper he made.....(not bad...at least he didn't forget how to cook while he was away.)...and mom took me to saxe point...and guess what...the only other dog there was a pure bred pitty ...and he tried to eat my head....I showed him...I went back to mom. Big dumb boy dog. (Its okay..i know most of my boy dog buddies wouldnt try and eat my head....he must have been in a bad mood...)..anyhow then we came home and that was the end of the day..oh except dad just gave me a treat...he looked pretty sneaky when he gave it to me....but it tasted good so I wont complain...anyhow I forgot to tell you all that yesterday we went to the Vets. I love the Vets...she was very nice. She said that I lost 20 pounds over the summer. (Mom said that is cuz we got so much exercise while dad was away.) anyhow then she gave me this pill, it is to get rid of worms or something...aparently it tastes like beef....I wonder who tasted it to make that assumption....anyhow i havent had the pill yet...so I dont know what it tasted like....oh oh....wait a minute....."Dad what did you say that treat was?'

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guess who also made Time Magazine

I never thought I would see the day, today Time...tomorrow Doghouse...I have just the belly shot ready....

Gotta Love the OUtdoors

Ahhh..a good use for dad...pick up my mess will ya...hehehehe
This is me being chauferred to the beach....father is driving
ahhh my favorite smelly spot...aaaaaaaaaaaah
Look at me go....I am running like the wind...

Okay so I guess you have missed me. IT has been a whole day you know. I was busy getting re acquainted with you know who. I guess it is good for him to be home. I have decided to give him one more chance. Yesterday morning I woke him up with my customery kiss...to take me out to do my business...at 6:00 am...Mom thinks it is funny cuz when dad was away I slept in every day. But now he is back..I like the early morning bonding. Today I gave him an extra couple hours..then I stole his side of the bed...(well it was my side for 7 weeks.) Dad did notice my new slim body. Now it is his turn . We went to the beach today and I hid on mom and dad...I went in the bush and played and when i came out i was soaked from head to toe...only I know what happened in the bush...but man...i had the biggest smile when i came out....anyhow time for my afternooon nap. Mom says i should say goodluck to gramma trying to sell her house today....everyone out there cross your paws for gramma....we want her to move closer to us....and I hope you all have a good day....oh and I hope charlies SHD is feeling better...bye for now....

Monday, August 07, 2006

I got my surprise....and I am not sure I like it ...

So ya, you all knew I was getting a big surprise today. Mommy went out early this morning and told me I would get my surprise when she gets HOme. And in walks that MAN who used to live here. The MAN that abandoned me for 7 whole weeks. The MAN that was not here to feed me or walk me or play with me. He brought me a nice toy, but right now we are just deciding if I should like him again or not. I want him to see how it feels when the person who loves you just up and leaves for 7 weeks. I will teach him never to leave me again. OH dont get me wrong...I gave him a little kiss hello, just to be polite...but now I am keeping my distance. Does he just think he can come back in our lives like nothing happened? The stupid cat is all over him like a stupid cat.....What does she know...she is 19 and senile...I hope she pees on him...Okay..I know I am sounding a tad bit bitter...give me a couple days to adjust ...i will do my best. Sorry about no pictures by the way....blogger said there was an error....i will try again tomorrow. Oh and by the way..mom says to tell you all that she is VERY happy that HE is home....I am just going to go to sleep and ignore HIM for a b it longer. Have a nice night everyone....Butt sniffs and sloppy wet kisses to all of you....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fun New Friends

I wonder what the labradoodle had for dinner

these two are very cute...i like the little girls boots.
One big happy group at the park..The park is fun.
The mother had to work today so I was home alone for 7 hours. Wow that was a long time...I got a little bored and went exploring in mom's room...i mean really...there is only so much to do when nobody is home, and the cat was asleep....anyhow i found this very cute panda bear....but decided it would even look better with a few minor adjustments...I will send you photos of that tomorrow...you will be very impresses with what i can do to a teddy bear....for some reason...mommy wasnt...
Well talk to you all tomorrow or the next day...two sleeps till my big surprise...OPY ...you should tell me...I promise I won't tell mom you told me......PUleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Embarassing photos....

oh my gosh...mamma caught me...i dont like any light in my eyes in the morning so i use my baby to cover my head. Does anyone else out there have embarassing photos to show our bloggers...be brave now...

Friday, August 04, 2006

My crazy sister is here AGAIN

MJ is Queen of the household...It is cleaning day at the Rouleau's and MJ is queen so I dont do anything..

That's Your Highness MJ to all my peeps....

Today was a good day. We slept alot...I helped mom sleep some more..Then Rhia came over and brought me some timbits...I do love a good Timbit. (all you non timbit eaters...they are donut holes...so darn good...and a very nutritional diet suppliment)...when Rhia left we drove my brother to Timmys house, and mommy and me went to the beach again. My SHM forgot the camera though, and this is horrible...because we saw a lot of very adorable dogs today...Man..I was sniffing butt for a long time. There were two very tiny jack russel terrier puppies. There names were lilly and oh gosh i cant remember..but they were cute...I wanted mommy to bring one home..well...actually mommy wanted to bring one home...but the man kept watching her...oh well...then i went for a nice long swim. I am an amazing swimmer. I can not wait til i see my dad again and he sees what an amazing swimmer I am. Anyhow Mom told me something very exciting is happening here on Monday. That is only three more sleeps. I am told it is the most exciting thing ever. But mommy wont tell me what. She just said that I should be very good. My sister was here cleaning up stuff cuz she is having a big party here on sunday night for our Haida sister Rhia. She is very special to us. I always like parties...because when everyone drinks too much beer...MJ gets lots of treats...fun stuff. Anyhow i need to go to sleep now so the three sleeps till the big surprise will be sooner. I wish my daddy was here...he would tell me what the big surprise was. Goodnight everyone..


My mom went to my cousin Maggie's house today..I didn't get to go...again...but quite frankly I didnt want to go in the hot car way out to Sooke anyhow. See the picture of Maggie....Mom said she sure does like those little freezies...My mom said she will go buy me some...but for now..I am going to have to be happy with T-bone steaks, and ice cream..A girl has got to have her priorities. I went to Saxe Point today, it was fun..especially when i saw a door open there....I decided to go in and check things out. Hehehe...mom was sooooooooooooooo embarassed.
I finally came out, but mom was a little PO'd at me. The man that owed the house was okay. He just said i should probably stay out cuz he had a little puppy there. Puppies are what MJ likes best. Anyhow I guess I dont have much to say today...OH and lets all say hi to Taylor and Matthew...they are visiting Maggie. ARent they cute....They had a dog named Bailey...but Bailey is in Doggie Heaven. Some day Maybe they will get a new puppy....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dog day at the beach....

Some ducks are at my beach...quack quack..silly ducks
wow..i swam out very far for this stick, mom's throwing arm is improving
Oh ya, that feels goo and smells even better...
I can't beleive she won't let me jump off the dock..I am PRETTY sure i can swim that far....

Well all my pups out there, here I am, mom has stopped talking about "he who will be not talked about", and this can be all about me. I got to go to the beach and run and smear stinky stuff all over me....then i went swimming and then i rolled in the sand...oh what a feeling. Then i went swimming again...apparently mom does not like the sand in the car, so when i got home she made me hose down cuz I stunk to high heaven. (i have never actually smelt high heaven..but aparently it is a smell i would like to find..we could bottle it and sell it to dogs everywhere). Anyhow right now it is still pretty early...before 8 30 pm, so I am going to use my puppy dog eyes and see if mom will take me down to dallas road to see some of my buddies.....wish me well....does anybody know who sunshade is...and how can i read his/her blog...i like to read them all you know...OH and Charlie....I hope you are sooooooooooo much better today.....xxxxxxxxxxsloppyxxxxxxxxx


MY humans sisters baby...ewwwww

Isn't he just soooooooooo cute...aaaaahhhhhhh

I hope you can all feel the sarcasm in my writing...My mommy always bugs my sister for grandchildren...I figured Sarah would go out and buy a baby and shazam...a grandchild..but apparently NOOOOO that wasnt good enough for sarah..she had to go and get the cutest orange fluffiest kitten she could find...oh ya...and MOm is all googooogaagaa over it. What is the big freakin deal...it is just a little fur ball...she cant even bark...she makes these annoying little squeaks...and when i tried to kiss her the day sarah got her....i got in trouble...what the heck...anyhow I will put a normal dog post later tonight...this one just made me feel better...oh and SUNSHADE....I CANT FIND YOUR BLOG....