Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OH MY DOGS.....AND GIRLGIRL.....THIS HERE IS ONE REALLY REALLY TIRED DOGGY. Mommy and Daddy and Robin all ran away for the weekend...at first I was sooooooooo sad, I wanted to go with them, they packed up the car.....and left me behind with my brother, Rick. Now normally Rick isnt a ball of excitement...and this weekend is no exception...then, at 7:00 that night...there was a knock at the door, then suddely I opened the door....(well Rick opened the door) and there she was....MY KORENA, WITH HER JAMMIES...YES MY DOGS...MOMMY ROCKS....SHE GOT MY KORENA TO BABYSIT ME ALL WEEKEND. There were so many long walks and long drives and long walks and hugs and kisses and cuddles...This dog is very happy...so very very happy...and Tired....Pooped right out...I just wanted to say hello before I go to sleep....oh and I really really really want to congrats DOGS WITH BLOGS for their 600th Blog.......That is just so cool... Anyhow I have to go because Tater has to do his BLOG....so talk to you all this week....MJ OUT>>>

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The week to date....

So this last week we have my mom's buddy Robin, visiting from London ontario, so we are doing all sorts of different things. Today though we had to take Tater to the Vets. I guess all your doggy wishes did well, cuz Taters leg is prettty good and the Vet lady said we wont have to operate the way things are going . so that is super good news for us. Hooray...so as of Today, Tater is looking for a forever home.

This is me and dad and a little bit of Tater at the beach. We were taking Robin there so she could walk in the ocean. She didnt swim though cuz she is a bit of a wimpy girl.

Look at Tater...he was a really big boy. Dad made him go deep enough that he could swim. Tater didnt seem to mind.

I was practiciing my gruff look today. I had enough...Tater sometimes makes me crazy. That little fella doesnt give me much rest. But I love him...but ...i am just saying...sometimes the little fella makes me gruff.

And look at my little girl...she is hiding on Tater. As soon as Tater walks by she jumps on him and the wrestling begins....it just never stops...well..time for me to rest...it may be the only rest i get people...have a good day...hey guess what....Korena is coming to babysit me all weekend....hooooooooooooooooooray......Okay so if anyone wants to read Taters blog ...it is


stop by and read it...


Sunday, August 12, 2007

A very boring week....

Mom was trying to be an ace photographer today...and get me and the Tot, in a photo
together....The Tot...wasnt being very co operative..

In this photo I am a bit annoyed....it took many tries for mom to get this one....I am the angry looking girl on the right.

Look here...hahaha...Tater tried to do everything I do. We are drinking nice cold water out of a big bucket....Tater can barely make it...but you gotta give the little guy credit for trying.

There ya go...good shot. Not much else is happening around here. Mom is exhausted running after Tater. This week he has to go to the Vet up Island to see if they are going to fix his broken leg. Bad news is they are either going to fix it or cut it off. OUch...I sure hope i dont hurt anything....i didnt know that doctors will just cut it off. I have been told by my mom not to tell Tater anything about it...she doesnt want him to get scared. Poor little guy. Anyhow you all have a good week.....

Monday, August 06, 2007

And The Wrastlin Match is ON

SO MJ HERE...AND YOU WILL NOTICE....FIRST AND FOREMOST...I AM NOT PICTURED in this blog. I am very busy reffing some serious wrestling matches. I like to think I am a

very good wrestling teacher. First Tater takes the lead...then Zippy takes the lead....It was dog beats cat....cat beats dog...but in the end....we all get along together....

and we just hang out together. ARent my babies cute. I am such a good mamma. MJ out..I need some rest.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A lazy sleepy day....well at least that is what it looks like

So today was busy busy busy....Tater and I played and played and ran and played. It is so fun having a baby boy around. Even though sometimes I turn into a playground for him.

I am SOOOOO pOOped out...

My uncle Hank came over for a visit to see his newest nephew. I think Uncle Hank needs his own puppy.

Uncle Hank prefers to just visit us instead.

At last we rest. Mom thinks we have been sleeping alot tonight...but I guess that happens when you play play play all day...I even took a dip in the ocean earlier....Ahhh sleep is nice...goodnight y'all....MJ out

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Fun Day with Furry Friends

So today started like any other day really...I watched out the back window...that is what I do. But this time...I had company ....the little boy we like to call...Tater. He is a pretty good guy. He has great puppy manners....but I dont get as much alone time as I am used to. Mom thinks he may be a good weight loss program....I dont like that sound of that..

This is a picture of me and Tater and a little puppy call OLLY. Tater rastles alot with him...until his daddy got worried that Tater would hurt him....They had to leave. We just stayed and played.

(A brief intermission....Zippy just wants you all to see how pretty she is. She is trying to find a way to rid our household of a certain little varmit that likes to chase her)

Back to the beach....Ohhhh the water was so refreshing today. I cannot believe how fun it was in the water. Our temperatures are very hot lately. Mom said we dont like it...I say I am just fine as long as we spend alot of time here.

Here is Tater getting a little suntan. Isnt he cute. Pretty soon we will make him his own blog. We have to help him find his forever home...but mom wants a little time with him before he leaves. Anyhow I hope everyone has a good day....Smile if You love this Puppy...I know we are. MJ OUT