Sunday, September 03, 2006

MJs Sleepy DAy

peek a boo
I see you
Now cover me up mom...i am not ready to get up yet...I am not sure if I like it when mom works all night at the Mart....She doesnt usually do that...but for two nights I guess it wont kill us. The good thing is that I got 3/4 of the bed to myself....(dang dad.....why couldnt he sleep on the futon)..anyhow in these pictures you will see mom looking for me so we can go for a walk....I dragged myself out of bed and mom took me for a walk at the Gorge at some rediculous hour this morning. Who gets up that early on PURPOSE on a sunday? Anyhow we came home and I went back to bed then mom came to bed. So we really had a long sleepy day, then tonight mom just finished taking me to Dallas road....ummmm..I was really good? (lets hope mom doesnt read this) I hear it is difficult to find a black dog in the dark...especially when there are about 10 black dogs....and one doesnt always listen that well. anyhow i got to see alot of my old buddies...and yes...there is always one little brat boy that wants to play piggie we know how I feel about that stupid game...but mom Said Sam was only 91/2 months old and was too young to know any difference....whatever....he got his time I will nip at his little piggy if you know what I mean....Anyhow folks...time to go and beg for some more treats....MJ OUT


Woofwoof said...

The dogs here get up at 5 am, every day, like they have an internal clock of their own. It adjusts automatically for daylight savings time. And when they wake up, they make sure everyone else is up too.

MJ's doghouse said...

Woof woof...sometimes i get up really early....and i go give dad a nice wet kiss on the ear...and he takes me out....and when we come back in I run into the bedroom and grab his spot on th ebed