Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Practice makes Perfect????

Today I have decided that it is my turn to show you what a willing model I am...

All she wanted was one good picture of me. But that would be too easy. Besides, if I took a

good picture right away then I would not get as many treats. And man..did it ever take a lot of

treats. I dont know why we have the same picture twice here, not that there isnt 100 other

pictures to use. Hahaha, wow, was she ever frustrated. Anyhow The actual picture will be in the mail by I hope you all like it. And thanks to Simba, I got my first snail mail christmas card yesterday. Soon the mailman will know where MJ lives....he will need a huge truck to deliver all my cards...see you all soon....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Such a busy Dawg..

YOU KNOW...some dogs just don't really get much time to relax...this is what i had to do today....I was sitting on the steps cuz something wierd was going on up on the roof...and Santa wasnt due quite this is what I saw....

That, may look like santa...but it is my mom....she is sick with the flu and she thought it would be a great time to climb on the roof and patch up a leak. (dad is so afraid of heights)

This is her coming down. She is safe now. What was she women are just a little nuts...

I guess I can relax now. Golly...sometimes i am just so over worked. I will sit here and enjoy the rest of the beautiful sunshiney day..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sleepy sunday and silly kitty

FIRST OF ALL...Carter has been sad latley cuz I post Zippy pics and not his. So i told him if he would just sit still for five minutes I would get my photographer to take his here you all is Carter...or as some of you may

And here is me on a nice sleepy sunday...i have moms house coat under me and her jacket on top of me..nothing better than snuggling in moms warm cuddly stuff... Anyhow that is it for today..I am still quite sad about Freda....and I guess I should be happy that Marvin is back...ya I am ...but I just hope we can go a few months without losing anyone else to that dang rainbow bridge.....goodnight everyone...especially you my big hunka mango goodness....mj out

Friday, November 21, 2008

My super friend Kaia

So instead of seeing my picture...which I know most of you cant get enough of...i want you to meet Kaia....She is the luckiest dog in the world. She gets to live in the land of snow. London Ontario...and she gets to be looked after by Robin...who is one of my moms favoritest flesh people in the whole world. This picture may look like it is taken in a white background...but no siree...that is all snow...and Kaia gets to play in it all the time..

So Kaia gets Robin and snow...not really fair .. i get rain. So anyhow todays post is just about seeing how lucky Kaia is. She is so excited to be part of my blog. She has never ever had a blog of her own. Wow...are there really dogs out there that dont have a blog. How weird is that. Anyhow right now i am a little stressed out, it seems Lacie and Mango are having some wierd demented relationship...I may need to go away for a bit..or hire a private eye. See Mango relentlessly huge hunk...says he is just messing with her....sort of...and Lacie says she just wants to trick him, I am just confused. Does anyone out there know a private eye that could go and check this whole mess out for me. Well I gotta go now...i am trying to convince mom to share some of her red licorice with me....wish me luck...mj out...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh what a weekend....

So first of all...I want to thank blogger very much for FINALLY letting me post some pics...You will see in this pic...that my x favorite me a christmas present. I thought me and KOKO were besties...but would your besty ever buy you a stupid hat like this and make you wear it....I think NOT....I am sending koko to live in Halifax and learn a lesson about stupid hats....gees...the only good thing is that I got a treat out of it....

Remember I told you...well some of you...that is was my flesh sisters birthday...and during birthdays i get Cake and Icecream....I know it is probably not good for me...but I am willing to take that risk...this was a very delicious cake...and very yummy ice cream...and I know you are jealous so all i will say is it was so very good...

And it is still good...yummy...

Mommy made me post this any of you dogs have a husband for my mom says it is time she gets married and has mom wants babies...i dont get it..she has me...but I guess this is not the same...

This is Sarah dancing at her party, so if you want to marry her maybe you should learn to better be quick though...she is 30 now...that is like 210 doggy sorry I took so long to post. I miss said we have to take pictures this week for my christmas card....see you all soon..MJ OUT

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well this is the third time that I have tried to upload this video. So here you go, this is my favorite dog park. This is the first visit ever for Budha...but you will see my favorite park friends Sam and Pipa and Sherman and Mabel...those four THINK they own the park, I let them think that, but we know it is my park. Anyhow enjoy the video....and my mom's lousy camera operating skills. have a good day everyone....MJ OUT

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Training Budha

So today my new little buddy BUDHA came over. His mom wanted me to teach him how to go for a walk at the park. So mainly this is just a video of our walk. But since everyone else has had videos of their walks mom has decided to try and impress you all with her talents, I would keep a bucket close by, cuz it makes me dizzy to just look at them. In case you are wondering, I am the more volumptuous of the two dogs...after all Budha is a little baby boy. So have a good look, and stay tuned tomorrow for a new video of my friends at the park.....

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Someone's Mamma is Home

So my life has been a little fussy this past week....All I can remember is that I went to a big party...and the next thing you know it is a week later and I am stuck with this thing on my hat. If anyone out there remembers anything....if there were coyotes involved...if Mango is still tlaking to me....Please tell me...and why are my parents telling me about Mexico...who the heck was in Mexico...oh mymymy...i need some sleep....MJ OUT>