Saturday, September 30, 2006

MJs tummy aches

This is DAD making me sit so mom can take a picture...

Hmmm I wonder if Sherman was already here today...let me check

This is what me and Tigger were doing until about 12:30 today and mom and day said the word Beach...dang that word works better than an alarm clock..

Not much news here today doggybloggers.. I think I have the tummy flew. Last night before I went to bed I barfed, and then I decided I wanted to sleep with my I guess I still had a tummy ache so I barfed all over his bed in the middle of the night. He had to get up and wash all his bedding. It needed a good cleaning anyhow. So then I got in moms bed and slept until after noon. Gosh it was nice. And she let me snuggle with Tigger. (I am NOT allowed to let any parts of Tigger in my mouth.)...Suddenly I heard the beach word and off we went. So it was a short trip but at least i got to sniff about a i am resting with dad on the couch. So I hope everyone has a good weekend. MJ OUT.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hot damn..Here I am

Okay so once again no pictures. Mom said nobody wants pictures of me moping around on the couch..which is fine with me...cuz that camera is evil. I know this cuz whenever my friend Bear sees mom with the camera she runs like crazy. (Then she comes back for a cookie)...She is a fraidy dog..but not a stupid dog. So today I did something that impressed mom like crazy....I carried a bag from the car to the house, in my mouth. I have not ever done this before, but, usually bags dont have chocolate chip cookies in them...for me. My sister bought the cookie for herself....but I decided it should be for brought it in the house and helped myself. So Sarah....thanks for the cookie..oh and the timbit. (cheap sister)..I was also supposed to pick five things that make a good doggy friend....and I keep thinking about it....and i think I may have come up with a list....
1. my best friend will always share anything they eat with me
2. my best friend will always share anything they eat with me
3. my best friend will always share anything they eat with me
4. my best friend will always share anything they eat with me
and the final thing
5. my best friend will always share anything they eat with me..

I tag every dog that reads this ....and hasnt been tagged yet..

So i have been feeling kinda frisky today...played a little tugawar....brought out almost all my thinks someone should invent a bone shaped little tykes toy box. Did all you dogs out there see Barbara Walters and Crocodile guy's wife last night? It made my mommy sad again...but she vows that someday she will go to the zoo ..anyhow everyone sorry for no photos...some day soon..ttyl....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Drama at the doggy Park

/Some of my puppy peeps


Shermans baby sister

He looks a bit like Opy

Luckily that isn't my picnic table or there would be trouble.

So today things at the puppy park were amiss when i got there. I snooped around and knew instantly someone or something was missing..Then I heard them mention Sherman. Sherman's little sister was there but Sherman was nowhere to be seen. Then I noticed that Duncan...who is Shermans DAD was missing...but the baby sister was there. And I finally figured out that Sherman had wandered off.....and nobody could find him. They looked and they looked and they looked...then they went in there cars and they looked some more....but while they took off in their cars.....a nice man with a dog ...came toddling back...with Sherman..So all the Drama was for nothing....Sherman was never missing..he just went on an the lesson in all this is...MOMs and DADs out there.....just cause you are all directionally challenged doesnt mean that WE dont know our way back. Sometimes we just get bored of smelling the same old butts and the same ole trees and the same old grass...we will come back when we are good and ready..or when we are be patient.....hehehe.....although we are really happy that Duncan found his pup....Well i need a nap now....all that drama makes a pup all tuckered out....oh and check out the dog that kinda looks like Opy.....goodnight y'all......MJ OUT

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack Homies....

This is me smelling all the smells I missed when I was away from Dallas Road

This is me before we went to the doggy park...settling in to be bored all day.....again

This is the car I think mom should buy for me...

This is my new friend Hairy....hahahah hairy...
Okay so first of all...the homies thing....that was mom trying to be funny...can dogs really roll their eyes? So I finally got to go to doggy park today..good times for MJ. You know, when you dont go for a long time there are just so many nice new smells that I needed to check out. I didnt care much about the dogs really...just the smells they left behind. I did
"play" with a small apricot colored much fun...I chased it and it barked and barked and yelped and yelped and barked...oh good times at the doggy park. Mommy thinks maybe it thought I was going to eat it...hahaha...I ate before I went to doggy park. Its funny though..I usually dont really talk to the big dogs at the park..but I really like to play and chase the little ones...I dont want to hurt them..they are just really fun to run after....and sometimes the looks on the little old lady and mens faces when Killer Pitbull MJ chases there baby ....priceless....absouloutly priceless. Anyhow I hope to be back to bloggin more often...I am going to go and have a brother just bought me a huggggggggge box of doggy treats....(for some reason it is out of my reach though....)WEll thats it for today...MJ out.....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mama's sick...and I am sick of IT

OKAY so everyone knows I love my mom. I really really really love my mom. BUT>...enough is enough. All I get to do is go for short little walks. Yesterday she took me to the park and I barely had time to "take care of business" before she made me get back in the car. I was there for maybe 2 minutes...dang..if I knew that I would have taken my time doing my business. Then when we get home, she gets back in bed and MAKES me come to bed too. So I snuggle in under the blankets...(and stupid cat sleeps up by mom's head), and we sleep the afternoon away. Then ...just when I am at my comfy gets up and goes to the stupid WALMART. I try and make her stay home but apparently my doggy treats wont buy themselves. I think I am going to go get myself a job. Maybe I can start a pitbull clean up crew...just like Charlie....As long as it isnt dog food....I could work at the Keg or something....and clean up leftover prime rib.....anyhow ...I think I better get mom to bed....she is barking louder than the crazy dogs outside....I think maybe she got it from OPY and Charlies dad....can you send those bad colds through email.....anyhow sorry for not having much to say....hopefully we will be better on the weekend....MJ OUT

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just chillin....

my brother is so goofy

someone likes what he smells.....

aaaaaah nothing like a refreshing swim after dad says,"no swimming to day MJ"

Me (i am the canine) and my cousin my grammas birthday party

OH is that MY DAD touching another dog....

well things have been fairly quiet any how. Mom and dad took me to flemmings for my run...and man did I ever run. There is one part of the beach where I can fly through the tries to take a photo but I am just way too fast.
Yesterday was my grammas birthday....she is very old. I think. Cuz my mom is very old and gramma is older. Dad says he is just a young pup. Anyhow we had lots of company last night and it was very fun. we had fish and chips and the most amazing cheese cake with chocolate curls...hehehe...i love my pathetic look...I had alot of cheese cake...that is why I ran alot at the beach....i lost alot of weight this summer...and I like the way I look...hehehehe....I really dont care....but everyone tells me how good I look. Anyhow i m ust go now. Mom need the computer. So you all have a good night.....MJ OUT

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thank God I'm Here

my poor dad had to fix our stupid vacuum...

Oh my god....I am so brave

Can you see my paw....holding on for comfort.

My name is MJ and I dont m ind admitting my dad is a big chicken.
Today Mom made him fix the vacuum. I dont know about any of you, but vacuums are the most annoying beasts I know...they do no good....they take all the crunchy bits that are left on the floor...they clean up all my hard work of tearing things up...and..the noise....the noise is what makes me realize how scared dad must have been so I crawled up beside him and cuddled him until he calmed down a bit. It was tough...and I am a bit embarassed that he is such a big chicken....but I love I was there for him...
I lucked out earlier today...i got to go to saxe point twice. There were lots of little dogs there. One of them always thinks he is the king of the picnic table....MY picnic table. I usually let him stay up there then after he leaves I got up just to prove who the QUEEN of the table is. MJ ROULEAU....QUEEN OF THE PICNIC TABLE......OUT

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Buddy Bear and I

Bear is hiding her face cuz she doesn't like mom's camera
I would hide too but dad just gave me a cookie and I have to eat it before ....well I don't know...just before

Bear is eating her cookie....and waiting for a second one...she may be my friend, but she is putting a serious dent in my cookie situation.

Today was FINALLY back to normal..I knew it would happen soon enough. DAD is FINALLY back to work. So when mom got home from work she kept the car door open ....opened the front door....and let me run into the car. I kissed her about 7 trillion times....then she asked what I wanted to do ...I said Flemings my good woman...and off we went. It was so fun ...Mom is less nervous than dad so she lets me run and run. I ran up behind her and scared the pooooo out of her. Pretty funny. Anyhow I am so glad everyone is back to normal here. (Except sad sister Sarah, but we are working on that.....)..So I hope i can blog more regularily. It is hard to make stuff up when you do absoloutly nothing all day. Well bye for now, oh and WELCOME home auntie frances and Uncle Les. Mom says to tell you to come over friday night for grammas birthday....bye again...MJ OUT>>>>

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I dont really have any exciting news about me today...or all week I want to tell you about Bear. Bear is the official trailer park dog. My mommy said she looks kinda like a husky crossed with a malmute. She is really pretty except in the summer when she was losing huge clumps of hair. Anyhow...when we first moved here we were a little scared of Bear cuz she is loose and roams the streets. She runs and barks at any cars that go to fast. One day my mom brought Bear a cookie. Then every day we went for a walk we would take a cookie for BEar. Then, every time she saw our car come home she would follow us so we would give her a cookie. One day when I snuck away from mom, cuz i wasnt on my said,"Bear go get MJ for me....and darnit if Bear didnt bring me home...just when I thought the adventure was going to begin. "...(i was too chicken not to listen to her)..anyhow she got cookies for that too. Now Bear is getting very brave. She lets mom pet her. And last week Bear started coming right to the door and sticking her nose in the window. It is like a cookie drive through. She gets a cookie every time though...(and I get one too or mom would feel guilty)..I havent seen ole Bear for a couple days...i hope she is just resting up. Thats my story for today...I have to go back and lay down with my big sister Sarah...she is busy mending a broken heart....I dont understand why they dont take her to the hospital to make it better...but mommy said it would mend on its own...I hope so....see you later MJ OUT...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It seemed like a good idea at the time....

OOOOOOOOhhhh my tummy hurts!!!!
I wonder what mom and dad are talking about?

Does anyone know how the butter got on the floor?

Ummm does that look like dog tongue prints?

Okay so I tell the mom and dad....if you don't want me to eat it...dont leave it where I can reach it....But do they listen...noooo....and do you hear me yelling at them cuz I have a tummy ache...nooo. Dad says butter is says if he wants she can scrape my tongue prints off and he can eat the rest. (dad was not amused)..Do any of you buddies out there have any guilty pleasures that you would do almost anything to get ? MY name Is Mary Jane Potter and I am a butter aholic....oh man...butter and spankings...what next???MJ OUT!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

aaaaaaaaaaah the freedom

Freedom at the beach
I dont know if this is me or my friend at the beach...we were running up a big hill
swimming swimmming swimming...i do love swimming
Oh OH here comes trouble....
Now he is reallly mad....hehehehhe...he'll never catch me if I dont want him too...hehehehe

so today was fun for me. I mean every day is fun at the beach. But today was especially fun cuz well....I think I may have driven daddy a little loony. He isnt especially comfortable when I am off leash...I try and convince him that I am not a baby, and mom tried to convince him that I am not a baby, but he treats me like a baby. So I just ran and swam and took off up the hill...and when dad called, well at least I think he called me...he "says" he called me, I just kept running and playing. So dad had to run up the hill and get me....oh the good times I had running from him. Gotta love the old guy, he can still make it up the hill ....hahaha..anyhow once we got down the hill...out came the leash...I guess I blew that privelage for the rest of the day...but who cares...I was tired by then...anyhow you all have a good day.....MJ OUT!

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm Just so Happy

I had a great day today. Every day is great when mom and dad are home, but I love to go to the beach. I love to go to flemmings beach, I can run and run...I went down to the water, but mommy didnt want me to go in the water because she said I have an infection in my eyes, and the water probably won't be good for it. I will probably have to go see the Vet, I know where she hides the cookies...hehehhe. Do any of you girl and guys out here like to be spanked on the bum? I love it when my brother spanks me...does this make me wierd? I hope not...cuz it is like one of my favorite things to do..well besides eat and sleep and go to the beach and did I mention eat.? I love this picture of does my mom...she says for sure I am smiling. on a sad note...mommy isnt smiling cuz her favorite aussie celeb died. The croc hunter. Rest in Peace Steve. My mommy said he just had an amazing zest for life. She will miss him. Goodnight everyone...have a good night....MJ OUT!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

MJs Sleepy DAy

peek a boo
I see you
Now cover me up mom...i am not ready to get up yet...I am not sure if I like it when mom works all night at the Mart....She doesnt usually do that...but for two nights I guess it wont kill us. The good thing is that I got 3/4 of the bed to myself....(dang dad.....why couldnt he sleep on the futon)..anyhow in these pictures you will see mom looking for me so we can go for a walk....I dragged myself out of bed and mom took me for a walk at the Gorge at some rediculous hour this morning. Who gets up that early on PURPOSE on a sunday? Anyhow we came home and I went back to bed then mom came to bed. So we really had a long sleepy day, then tonight mom just finished taking me to Dallas road....ummmm..I was really good? (lets hope mom doesnt read this) I hear it is difficult to find a black dog in the dark...especially when there are about 10 black dogs....and one doesnt always listen that well. anyhow i got to see alot of my old buddies...and yes...there is always one little brat boy that wants to play piggie we know how I feel about that stupid game...but mom Said Sam was only 91/2 months old and was too young to know any difference....whatever....he got his time I will nip at his little piggy if you know what I mean....Anyhow folks...time to go and beg for some more treats....MJ OUT

Saturday, September 02, 2006


okay so mommy and daddy ared home....and i am soooooooooooooo happy...i am not sure how long they were gone....something like 8 years ...but i do know i am sooooooooooooo glad they are home. Mom said she would send photos and stuff when she gets back to normal...she is orking midnihgts...and her brain is kinda frazzled right now. Daddy brought home boxes and boxes of smelly fish....good smelly fish..but I am not allowed to smell it...he put it is the stupid white box that i cant open...stupid daddy...I think on Monday night we are going to have a big fish party....whatever that is...all i know is I will be on my best behaviour. I had a lot of fun when they were away...lots of people took me for sister sarah and I are pals now.....we do everything together...well we mom is home she isnt going to be here as much. I will miss her alot...but she knows I love her....I have a tummy ache today...maybe i am just over excited cuz mommy is home. The cat is happy mom is home said she slept on her head all night...and i slept on her feet....and we had to let dad in the bed ....gosh he takes up too much room.. anyhow I am going to help mommy nap before she goes back to work. I just wanted to let you all know she is home .....and i get snacks and walks and hugs and times to you all soon......MJ OUT