Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Buddy Bear and I

Bear is hiding her face cuz she doesn't like mom's camera
I would hide too but dad just gave me a cookie and I have to eat it before ....well I don't know...just before

Bear is eating her cookie....and waiting for a second one...she may be my friend, but she is putting a serious dent in my cookie situation.

Today was FINALLY back to normal..I knew it would happen soon enough. DAD is FINALLY back to work. So when mom got home from work she kept the car door open ....opened the front door....and let me run into the car. I kissed her about 7 trillion times....then she asked what I wanted to do ...I said Flemings my good woman...and off we went. It was so fun ...Mom is less nervous than dad so she lets me run and run. I ran up behind her and scared the pooooo out of her. Pretty funny. Anyhow I am so glad everyone is back to normal here. (Except sad sister Sarah, but we are working on that.....)..So I hope i can blog more regularily. It is hard to make stuff up when you do absoloutly nothing all day. Well bye for now, oh and WELCOME home auntie frances and Uncle Les. Mom says to tell you to come over friday night for grammas birthday....bye again...MJ OUT>>>>

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