Wednesday, September 06, 2006

aaaaaaaaaaah the freedom

Freedom at the beach
I dont know if this is me or my friend at the beach...we were running up a big hill
swimming swimmming swimming...i do love swimming
Oh OH here comes trouble....
Now he is reallly mad....hehehehhe...he'll never catch me if I dont want him too...hehehehe

so today was fun for me. I mean every day is fun at the beach. But today was especially fun cuz well....I think I may have driven daddy a little loony. He isnt especially comfortable when I am off leash...I try and convince him that I am not a baby, and mom tried to convince him that I am not a baby, but he treats me like a baby. So I just ran and swam and took off up the hill...and when dad called, well at least I think he called me...he "says" he called me, I just kept running and playing. So dad had to run up the hill and get me....oh the good times I had running from him. Gotta love the old guy, he can still make it up the hill ....hahaha..anyhow once we got down the hill...out came the leash...I guess I blew that privelage for the rest of the day...but who cares...I was tired by then...anyhow you all have a good day.....MJ OUT!


Brody the Bulldog said...


I went to the Dog Beach this past weekend too!

Isn't it the BEST! My mom says we might go to a Bully meet-up at the beach this coming weekend too. That would be sooooo cool.

Anyhow, it looks like you had fun - running and swimming and chasing your Dad. Tell him I say "woof".

Check ya later!

Tigersan said...

That "big hill" pic is too nice! It looks like wild buffalo on the prairie. Wait, how would I know a wild buffalo from a milking cow?!?!?! ;)