Sunday, May 27, 2007

MJ's Scooby Snacks are a HIT

So today I was sitting outside minding my own business, when along came all the trailor park pups. First came my friend Buddy. (we dont know his real name..but mom says he is my buddy so I should call him Buddy.)..So anyhow, mom gave Buddy a Scooby Snack. She buys them for Bear to keep peace in the neighbour hood. Bear will not eat any other kinds of treats except for Scooby Snacks.

As soon as Buddy let the neighbours know he had a scooby snack...guess who shows up. And She (Bear) sure enjoyed hers. I dont think she likes sharing her cookies with Buddy, but mom says beggers can't be choosy. So Bear decides not to eat Buddy today, and just kinda hangs around hoping that the scooby snacks will appear again. (and they did)..

Then look at this little guy. He is only about 5 months old. Mom said his name is probably Blacky or Cole or something like that. I dont know what his name is, but I hope his mom comes to get him soon, cuz mommys getting that look in her eye. He is so sweet. Oh gosh..she is getting all gushy. Anyhow, they were all off there leash, cuz where we live, apparently unless you live in this house, that is the way things are. Bear basically owns the stop for her all the time, and the speed limit in the park is only 20, but mom says no matter what...I stay on my leash when I am outside my own year ...that is fenced. Anyhow it is a beautiful day so I have to go back outside and see whoelse comes for a visit. I love summer. Have a good week all you doggies and hamsterriers out there. MJ OUT..

PS...can anybody let us know how come blogger will only let us post three photos at a time. It is making my mom us oh smart us

Saturday, May 26, 2007

DAD'S SUCK AT THE BARK PARK is NOT a good day. Mom suggested to DAD that we go to Dallas road to the bark park. Dad said , "sure, lets go." So, off we went. Off to the bark park. Do you know what my favorite thing about the bark park is? My favorite thing about the bark park is that I dont need to be on my leash. I get to run and run and run. Wow, so much fun. I can hardly wait.
Oh see here we are by the water. But do you notice something funny. OH YA...DAD won't let me off the leash. You see, DAD is a big CHICKEN. (i am making chicken sounds, but I cant spell them...believe me, it is freakin hilarious....a pit bull making chicken sounds....) Anyhow ya...the whole time at the bark park, I am stuck on a leash. No going deep in the bushes for a bathroom break...will somebody please take the time to explain the rules of the OFF LEASH PARK....and maybe you could also tell them in FRENCH so PAPA ROULEAU will understand. I am an angry dog.
Look...even in the deep fun grass there is a leash in the picture. Can you even see me. I guess the STUPID leash gives away my whereabouts. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr....Anyhow I am going to go to bed now and dream of ways to chew my way through this leash....He WILL be sorry..Well I must go. All you dogs out there have a nice rest of the weekend. Love you mom....grrrrrr. MJ OUT

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Wednesday

Check this dude out...this is my new barkpark friend Atlas. Isnt he the coolest dog ever. He is only 7 months old...and under that hair he only weighs like 40 pounds. I had so much fun with him today. He is a labradoodle...My mommy said she has never seen a brown one before..but she would like one of her own...and i would like one of my own. It would be so fun. I wonder if I cold get one for my birthday...only two months..i cant wait. I am also excited because I am the dog on the calendar for fun.

This is me and my best girl Korena having a nap. She always has a nap at our house when there is a party. I am more than happy to help her nap. So cuddly. She snore sometimes though and that makes me wanna push her outta my bed, but I didnt. I saw my auntie meghan this week also, she is also my best girl.

Zippy asked me to put her p icture on the blog. She knows she isnt a dog now...and i am pretty sure she isnt a dog now, but I figure she is cute enought to put on my blog once in a while. She is resting on my scooby doo blanket here. I let her use it cause when she is on it she is very happy. She doesnt meow at all on my blanket. Well time to go now and read some blogs.
See you all in a bit. Especially you Texas. Have a good day tomorrow everyone...MJ OUT

Sunday, May 20, 2007

MY Big Brothers Birthday

Okay so you are all probably wondering why there is a picture of Zippy...doing her magic act...she is one craaaaaaaaaaaaazy kitty. Dad said she is trying to climb over the screen to get outside. She never made her get down...but is sooooooooooooo funny.

This is me and my Korena. I love Korena, but sometimes she forgets that she is supposed to take me for a walk. We were celebrating my brothers Korena and I hung out on the couch. Eventually we fell sound asleep. Sleeping is what Korena does best. Dude, the girl thinks this is her couch....but it is my couch...but I share with Korena cuz I lovvvvvvvvve her.

This is me and Chris. I am using Opys Gruff face....Chris has a hamburger, and is oblivious to me sitting there with him. He hasnt figured out that he is supposed to share with me. Korena shared with me, Gramma shared with me, mommy shared with me....Chris did not share with me. I sat so nicely too. I hope he appreciated my Gruff face. geeez.

Anyhow I would love to add that I want to Thank the Dashies for voting for me for best photo. I have been nominated before...but never maybe this time I will win. It will be so great. There will be an amazing acceptance speech....and maybe Ellen Degeneres can give me my reward....oh pullllllllllllllllllease. Puleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee vote for me....MJOUT

Monday, May 14, 2007


OKAY SO WORD IS OUT THAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GETTING TAGGED FOR BELLY SHOTS...Although I didnt see it personally I am certain someone must have tagged me to see my this is an old shot...but basically give or take a few pounds, I still look like this. Oh and I have a new blanket. But I look pretty darn cute...but just in case this doesnt satisfy all you men out there I have another one....

I was laughing my head off was around the time we had Bella...not too sure what was so funny, but I was probably just happy to have someone to blame for my all knwo how that goes. good times were had by all. Well I hope you all enjoy my belly shots...and TEXAS if you havent been tagged BIG BOY...i am taggin you now....MJ OUT

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Zippy and I have had quite a day. Here she is ....about to pounce on me. Sometimes I pretend to be sleeping. It is very hard to be mommy to such an active little furball.

Here we are again. Look at her trying to copy me. She thinks her mouth is as big as mine. Hahah so cute....

Okay Zippy, time for you to go for a nap. I am just too tired to fight all day.

Has anyone else been to visit Beagledom. I went yesterday. I accidentally called her a him. But she is a very cute little Beagle. I am so glad her two dads got a new puppy. Anyhow I must go now. I had a hard time getting these pictures posted. Mommy near went nuts. She said some words I am not allowed to repeat. But it took us at least 10 tries before Blogger accepted Whew. Anyohw you all have a good Mothers Day tomorrow. I wonder if Zippy will remember?

First of all i just wanna say that blogger is driving my mom and me nuts. (and for mom it is a very short trip) took about a dozen tries to post these pictures. Here is a picture of Zippy and me playing wild animals. Look how angry we look...she thinks she can bit my head off. She is so cute. We wrestle alot....and she tires me out.

I had to have a nap. Sometimes I need lots of energy to fight again. Look how cute I am all curled up and sleeping.

POSHTON is yelling at us. She wants us to open the door for us. She sure hasnt gotten any sweeter since the kitty came. She sometimes lets her sleep on the same bed, as long as they are bum to bum...and as long as the kitty doesnt accidentally ever ever ever touch her...if that happen....FWAP FWAP FWAY...ZIPPY GOES FLYING....

Here is Zippy getting ready for her nap.

Monday, May 07, 2007

What a busy Day

Well first of all..I want to apologize for my lack of blog entries...but my mother and I are very angry with just wont let us download photos...and really...what is a blog entry without a picture of the awesome MJ. Anyhow, I wanted to show you all these from last week. I was at the park, it was an awesome day. I kept seeing something funny way up...I looked up...and up and up....

I looked more...and it was still one point i even tried to jump to reach it...but it kept rediculing me. It was said that I shouldnt waste my energy cuz she knew for certain I would never learn to fly...darn...see this pesty thing...up in the tree..

He just sat up there and bugged me for a long time...all i could hear are his nasty crowing time I am bringing zippy...she will climb up the tree and give this crow what he deserved...making fun of me ...well I neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....MJ OUT