Sunday, September 24, 2006

Drama at the doggy Park

/Some of my puppy peeps


Shermans baby sister

He looks a bit like Opy

Luckily that isn't my picnic table or there would be trouble.

So today things at the puppy park were amiss when i got there. I snooped around and knew instantly someone or something was missing..Then I heard them mention Sherman. Sherman's little sister was there but Sherman was nowhere to be seen. Then I noticed that Duncan...who is Shermans DAD was missing...but the baby sister was there. And I finally figured out that Sherman had wandered off.....and nobody could find him. They looked and they looked and they looked...then they went in there cars and they looked some more....but while they took off in their cars.....a nice man with a dog ...came toddling back...with Sherman..So all the Drama was for nothing....Sherman was never missing..he just went on an the lesson in all this is...MOMs and DADs out there.....just cause you are all directionally challenged doesnt mean that WE dont know our way back. Sometimes we just get bored of smelling the same old butts and the same ole trees and the same old grass...we will come back when we are good and ready..or when we are be patient.....hehehe.....although we are really happy that Duncan found his pup....Well i need a nap now....all that drama makes a pup all tuckered out....oh and check out the dog that kinda looks like Opy.....goodnight y'all......MJ OUT


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey M-J,

That puppy does kinda look like me ! And here I was thinking I was "the original gruffpuppy" !

Sounds like you had an eventful day at the doggy park - I think treats would fix it though :-)


MJ's doghouse said...

The pup looked ALMOST like you ...but not nearly as good. You will always be my favorite gruffpuppy friend. I hope everything is going good there for you and Chuck...and hopefully Lex T is behaving himself....

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