Friday, June 30, 2006

yummy turltes taste good left a piece of cheese cake in the back of the was called turtle cheese cake...i always wanted to taste a are so tasty. Thanks uncle tony for having a birthday so I could eat mom's cake for her. So nothing much went on today. Mom went over to my uncles house. There wa a little dog named Koda there. I didn't really want to go because the next door neighbour dogs bark all the time. anyhow I promised Tony ....well mom promised Tony...she would put a picture of Koda in my web page. So here he is....and I gotta admit...he is kinda cute.
The other dog is his big brother Copper...he is very nice. I have never met them so I have to take the word of mom...and my mom knows a good dog when she sees one.....

Thursday, June 29, 2006


TWO WORDS......HELP ME!!!!!!!

Are YOU Freakin Kidding ME

okay so I am a little angry right now. It started off as a pretty nice day. Mom and I got up and went down to Saxe Point doggy park...I played with a few dogs....especially Murray. Murray was a rescue dog...and now lives with a really nice daddy. He is a beagle. (the dog not the dad)..I got to play fight with Murray and we had lots of fun. After all this "mother" brought me home and left me with my brother. I thought "mother" was going to work. All I do every day is protect that woman. I sleep with her so nobody will bother her, I stay very close to her while she eats, again, so nobody with steal her food, and I go on walks with her to keep her safe and what does "mother" do? I will tell you...she goes out to our auntie's house and visits my cousin Maggie. And Maggie is my very favorite cousin. She is so pretty. (well not as pretty as me....but you get the picture) We just love to play together. And Uncle Les has such a nice garden. We love to play and tear things up. Oh the fun we had. Anyhow back to the problem...I was not invited to Maggies house, and not only was I not invited , mother took pictures of this huge dog thingy with sticks coming out of his head. I could sure have had fun chasing that around. I am a little angry right I cant write too much. the only good thing is that uncle les gave me a colour. It is pink. My favorite colour. Anyhow I am going to go and drown myself in my pool..OH I FORGOT>>>the stupid thing has a hole in it and all the water drained out. Time for me to go and mOPe....(have a good day all you doggys....)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


wooooooooohooooo...mommy got me my own above ground ginormous pool..just for me...she stood in it but i gave her my crabby eyes, I am afraid mom will pee in my pool...You know how some people are. Anyhow things are pretty ex citing with a pool...did you know, (and dont tell anybody) that is can double for a drinking fun, i stood in the pool and had a drink at the same time...far out! I may have to have a pool party...everyone will have to byop though...i dont want anyone peein in mine. I hope sarah doesnt want to swim in it....she will be all braggin about her swim meet days...aaaaaaaaaaaaaah...anyhhow i need a nap...and some food...then a swim..then a get it...everyone have a good day....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


first of all i would like to give a big shout out to my beautiful sister (she told me to say that) Sarah. "holla sarah"...she came with me to the beach tonight and got to see what an awesome swimmer I am. She always brags about what a great swimmer she was when she was on a swim team....sure...but did she bring back a freaking log in her mouth when she swam.....i think not! So dad is still gone. Our pretty red car got out of the hospital today...I though dad would come back with it...dang. Just the car. Oh well at least now I odnt have to be so careful when we go swimming. My mom bought this huge round thing look oddy frightening...I think it may be a says it is a swimming pool, I will send photos of me in the "swimming pool" tomorrow. Anyhow I have to go t bed today....i hope it is a bit cooler here tomorrow. Have a nice sleep everyone....woof. wooooooooof...

Monday, June 26, 2006

i live in a me

So today is about 33 degrees celcius....which wouldnt be bad if i spent the whole day in a fridge, but instead, mom left me at home in the house...which feels like a hothouse. She is soooooooooooooo lucky that she left the car going when she got home, and took me to the ocean for a swim. aaaaaaaaaaaaah nice cold through me a stick ....and i came back with a tree. I am so strong, maybe next time mom will bring her camera...I will even agree with letting her take pictures of my magnificent tree. I had to swim out really far to get it, mom was a little nervous...but i did it...I am MJ...I am Dog....well, not much more to say...i need to go outside and tend to my bone. And I am so happy you are doing good OPY....see you all tomorrow.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


oh man...what a hot hot hot day. Poor hot hot. Mom went out and bought me the worlds biggest bone...but i am too hot to even go outside and eat it...i will get mom to send a picture of me with it tomorrow. HOT hot hot hot. Did I mention I was hot..Sorry for being repetative. Mom said I got the bone for being a good girl...before she left for work she asked me to make sure the house got cleaned before she got home...and did. Like magic. Well I dont know what to say today..except that oh's really hot. OH and OPY..way to get back to the blog rule..

Friday, June 23, 2006

#1 reason dogs bit their mom's

Okay, so maybe someone out there in doggyblog world...can tell me why moms think it is soooooooooooooo funny to make dogs wear stuff. Do they not know that we come with the wardrobe we enjoy wearing...
and when it gets too hot...we shed some of it....come on mom....i don't like clothes.... please dont make me wear them...i am not may be the only time i will show my teeth...
also...what is with the rip off walks beach...what the mom is gettng lazy...very lazy...will someone talk to her about a dog to do....anyhow there is some wacky mexican party on the deck out back and i have to hide before another silly lady comes at me with their sombrero....goodnight everyone...i hope you are feeling good opy...

Three beaches in one day...yey me

Hello all my friends. I was almost too pooped to blog tonight, but mom reminded me that I have a committment to the fans. So I got my nice oversized butt, (i know it's nice cuz it gets sniffed on a daily bases and they all come back to sniff more)off the couch, and here I am., speaking to my fans. Today was like most days. I ate, slept, and ran...(i am sure I did other things, but a lady just doesnt talk about that.) I was home alone for awhile cuz mom and rick had to work, but was I ever surprised when My sister showed up. It was nice for a minute or two, but out comes the cleaning products and the starts getting all smelly and noisy. And...just when i get my toys where I was them....she picks them up and puts them in a basket. So, as soon as I get some energy I am up off the couch and making a nice big mess. Mom took me to three beaches today...but the third one was the best. It was at 9 at night, and windy, and cool...i love the cold. I ran and ran. Nobody could keep up to me,(note from mom:nobody wanted to keep up with her...) I was so fast. Just before we left the beach we saw a little baby boy pitX..he was so fun. He kept jumping on my shoulders and trying to bite my cute....for a second or two...just when i was getting ready to tell him who was boss, old bossy put my leash back on and said it was time to go home. Lucky little kid.....anyhow I gotta get back on the couch before my spot gets cold. Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Crocodiles 0 pit bulls 1

So, My mom was telling me that she was our Uncle Don at the bakery today, and it made her remember that she needs to send him a picture. Do you see this picture of me with the pitbull eating crocodile? Well, Mom and I went to Uncle
Don's and Auntie Jean's house a couple weeks ago and this crocodile was just loose in their yard. They were hinting about calling that crocodile hunter guy, but I convinced them that I could take care of things myself.
Now, a few weeks later, mr crocodile isn't so tuff. It is
hard to chase people down without any eyes or face.
Pitbull 1-crocodile 0
oh and...the bakery went to the bakery..
How come I don't remember any treats from the bakery?
Well have a good day everyone. Hugs to all my readers,
and don't forget about MJ's rule of the treat size.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There are treats..and there are TREATS.

I seem to be spending alot of time sitting home alone today. Someone needs to take mom aside and tell her that it isnt good for a dog to be home alone...that gives us way too much time to think of things to do that may get us in trouble. Finally, it was time to go to the beach. Yes, I am a lucky dog...every day I get to go to the beach. Today I was very surprised though, cuz mom bought me a funny leash...It was very short. so short that I could hardly leave my mom's side. She said ti was a good thing we used it today cuz there were about a million little tiny people at the beach. Mom wouldnt let me play with them. AAAAAAh sometimes mom cramps my style. I am a big hit with kids. And they always have yummy faces. Oh well, so we went on a different road by the beach and found some cool trail. We saw a jail. It was from the war or something, but mom says that now they put bad dogs in there that don't listen to there mom and dad's. Hmmmm. I think they should put bad mom's in there, that don't listen to their dogs. Sometimes I have to smack her two or three times before she gets out of bed to walk me. Geez. Is there a doggy help line out there somewhere. Anhow we ran into a very nice man. He had treats in his pocket. He asked me if I wanted a treat, and I was such a good girl that I was sitting before he even said treat. He gave me a least that is what he said it was. It was so very small. I think, If you are going to give treats to dogs at the beach, maybe it should be large. We could choke on those tiny little things. Lets have them all bigger than a five dollar bill. Okay people. Thanks...Anyhow, I am goign to go now so mommy can take me out in my new limo, and drive our friend home and maybe have a mini walk at the beach. Yay me. Have a good day everyone. OPY< feel better buddy.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

Today was a long day with my brother. Mom worked all day, then she went to gramma's for supper. I am not allowed on Gramma's white couches so I refuse to go for dinner. A girl has got to stand her ground. Oh and gramma, if you are reading this, thanks for the doggy bag. Geesh. Anyhow when mom finally did come home I was so surprised, I met her at the car, with the camera and the leash, and got in the car with my sister, Sarah, and my favorite little cousin Jordan. So today most of the photographs in my blog are Jordan's work. My mom says she is pretty sure you will figure out which ones she took. Anyhow Happy Fathers Day, Dad. I hope you are reading this. Mom says she isnt sure you are getting her emails. Anyhow everyone have a good sunday evening, monday morning. Wherever you are in the world. I am going to go and give my mommy my most beautiful puppy dog eyes, and beg for food. So I will talk to you later. Bye ...Good luck tomorrow Opy. I am praying very hard for my bestest doggy pray....Okay in case anybody is wondering...the poodle was a buddy at the park tonight..and the guy with the fishing rod...well, i was just really curious about the interesting smells.....would have been a weeee bit better if he had a fish ....

Saturday, June 17, 2006

night time fun with my new friends

Okay so normally I am once a day blogger...but tonight I met some new friends and mom took their photos for a change...what a freakin relief. I told her if she doesnt stop with the camera, I am going to start charging her....I mean I may not be any Twiggy...but his girl has got some booty . Anyhow enough about are my new friends I made tonight.

Okay so today has been tough for this little girl. With my dad gone to sea, mom is turning into a tyrant. At 6:15 this morning she forces me to get out of bed and go for a walk at Flemming Beach. Okay...she says, in her defence, that I slapped her and licked her for 5 minutes before the actual walking took place. She is already going crazy. So anyhow ...however it happened, it was an enjoyable walk. Charlie was there, he is a big black dog and he is always sniffing in mom's pockets for treats. I leave any for someone else. So the park was interesting...I found a very tasty rock. I licked it for like ten minutes. It had some kind of white icing on it. Mom was grossed out, I was in heaven. On the way back we saw alot of ducks. Then mom brought me home and told me she would appreciate it if I came and slept with her. She said there is plenty of room in the bed for both of us. If there was so much room why do you suppose she growled at me when I curled up in the centre of the bed? Oh well, mom worked all day and i hung out with Rick. Right now, if I play my cards right and look at them both with my big doggy eyes, I may get a walk to saxe point...anyone wanna come with us....well gotta to you soon.....HI GRamma......

Thursday, June 15, 2006

to tired to type

Its been a really tough day running and playing and running and playing...goodnight bloggers...

can you keep a secret?

SHHHHH!..My name is Tigger, I am a man eating tiger, and MJ is just a bag of slobber. She thinks she is sooooooooo dangerous. Ya right. Anyhow I noticed the other day that mom put a picture of her online with MY cowboy hat. Well really, who looks better? Anyhow I gotta go before slobber chops wakes up and notices I am on her blogspot. CYA

can you keep a secret+

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You gotta love me...they do

Wow, lets try this again....Today I was lucky cuz i got to walk with mom and dad. Only two more walks with dad before he goes on the big boat. He should bring me...they need a dog on the ship to keep the sailors in line. And I could also help with the left over problems.
Anyhow that was just a thought. I met a new friend at the park today. His name was Dodger, and he was half big dog and half really big dog. He had the biggest ears I have ever seen on a dog, but his mom made it quite clear to my mom that it doesn't help him listen any better. He was in trouble today, but he got to walk anyhow. He seemed to really like me, you will notice this by some inapporpriate actions . Mom is going to put some of her own pictures today, she thinks she is a photographer. Look out National comes my mom kills me. Anyhow I need a big nap. So I am going to go now. HI to all my doggy friends...and people friends. See you all soon.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

MY friend Meagan and I are true blue cowgirls. She understands my need to wear this hat. It makes me cool. (at least this is what my mommy tells me...personally hats arent for me...but if it makes me that cool, i thought you should all see it...)

That feels sooooooooo good...

So I wonder how come mommy doesnt like it when i like to roll and scratch my back at the feels so good. Oh and sometimes I come home with the funky smell I roll in. It is way cheaper than perfume, that is for sure. I am so sure that the other dogs at the beach appreciate my new scent. They must...they sniff me all over...and all under. Today at the park there was not so many dogs, but there was a great dane, and two pugs. Fun...I asked mom to get me a great dane. He was a nice dog...and I dont have to bend over to smell his bum. Why do I do that anyhow. mom asks me to try and not do it as much, but I really really like it. I mean if Mom wanted to sniff the people at the parks butt I would mind. What is the big deal? My dad is leaving in three days. He is going on a big boat. I wonder if I could go with him. Mom said there will be 300 people on his boat with him. They must have room for one pet. Anyhow it is time for me to help dad cook some steaks..sometimes he needs me to taste them to make sure they wont kill him. I will talk to you all again soon....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday sunday glorious Sunday

Hey there, Today was great . Well so far anyhow. It is still early. Mom and I just went to the beach again. I get to go every day it seems. I must be doing something right. There were not as many dogs there today, so it gave me more time to explore all the cliffs and beaches and bush. It was great. Mom was worried cuz I went down a huge cliff, that was like a wall almost. Mom is pretty sure most dogs would have taken the trail. I guess most dogs are not as strong as me, and dont like the thrill of the climb. We also saw a funny bird with long skinny legs. Mom thinks it is a crane or a blue heron or something. The only bird she recognized is a sea gull or a crow. She sure is smart my mom. ON the way home we talked to a little old lady who told us to check my feet for grass spurs becuase her friends dog died cuz they went into his body and punctured his bowel. I dont know what a bowel is...but mom says we have to check my feet. I hate when anyone touches my feet so she better catch me when I am snoozing..which could be for the rest of the night. Anyhow Well mom and I were at the beach, dad and Rick went to put all dads stuff on the ship. He is leaving in 5 more sleeps. I know I should be happy, but that means i get half the bed to myself. Fun. Anyhow , I am going to go and sleep for a few hours. So everyone have a good week.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Grannies with Potty favorite

Wow...what a day. I guess you are all wondering why I am sitting on a picnic table. You probably think I am some miserable mutt without any matters, well that just isnt the case. What happened leading up to this point was just enough to make you all go....poor little MJ. Anyhow here we go, Mom said she was too tired to go to the big doggy park today so we went to the mini park at Saxe point park. It is so nice there, but not alot of places to to run. Anyhow, my absent minded mommy left my leash in the car...and let me run. I ran and ran and ran, then we were coming up to the picnic table are to see all my little poodle doggy friends. There mommies are some sweet little grammas. Anyhow well i was having my rear end sniffed by the poodles, some joggers came through. Well I really like jogging and have thought about joining up as i tried to jog with these people,(did i mention the OFF LEASH PARK) mommy tried to stop me...but I am too fast for her. Anyhow just when she was about to catch me the joggers would take I tried to follow them...Finally mom asked if they would please stop so she could grab me. (Apparently my listening skills dont work unless there is food involved). Well suddenly the man jogger yelled some nasty things at me...then he squirted me in the face with his water bottle. That is when the sweet grammas told him to F did they give it to him...I have never heard that word so much in so little time. They told him that I was n the off leash park and i can play where i want...he said I should read the bylaws...and they told him to F Off again. Then ...this is when I got sad, he told me that next time it would be a friggin Rock he was going to throw at me. At this point I decided it wasnt fun anymore and the grannies told me to come up on the table with the poodles and they adored me. I love grannies. Anyhow Mom said we have to learn not to chase joggers. hmmmm...that could be tough...any ideas would be welcome. ( I probably wont listen ....but I will try)...anyhow i also wanted to tell you that my cousin Jake graduated today....he was so handsome.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Two beaches in one fun

So today was a really fun day for me. First of all we got up really early and Mom took dad to work, then we went to saxe point park, which is a doggy park for baby dogs. Well it is a baby sized doggy park...but I like it there. Mom said we were being bad bums (that isnt the word she used) because she let me off the leash in the ON LEASH ONLY area. I was good though...I only pooped on the off leash area...and I made mom pick it up. Poor was stinky. Then the best thing that happened was that Nellie and her sisters ...I cant remember their names...and their mom came to see me. The mom is so nice...she tells me that I am so beautiful. Poor Nellie and the sisters. They must be so jealous to hear how beautiful I am. After this we came home and napped. Then...I could not believe my luck, my brother Rick...wanted to come to the beach with me . So Mom took us to Flemings Beach which is my favorite doggy leashes. Rick and I sat on the hill and looked at the water. He was sooooo tired from running around, so I sat with him until he was able to move again. Boy. some people are so out of shape. Anyhow I ran and ran and met some new friends. My favorite was Cindy. She was a golden retreiver with really auburn mom said it is the same exact colour as my human sister Sarah's hair. I am not sure day I will put a picture of them both in here and you can decide. Well time for me to go. Mom needs the computer to answer her email. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Piggy Backs

Okay so I am sure you already saw my picture. Mommy said that Bingo, the chihuahua, was trying to get on my back for a piggy back. I said maybe someone should get him a stool. I am not sure why, but lots of boy dogs want me to piggy back them. I dont really like it...mommy said that is because I got fixed when I was a puppy. I dont know what one thing has to do with the other...but I guess they just think I am a very very beautiful dog. I know I should boast so much....but when you got it, you got it. Today when we went to the doggy park, we met a new dog, he also wanted to play piggy back. Weirdo. Anyhow the weekend is over now, tomorrow mom is taking me to the park really early so I need to go to sleep. I am tired because I just snuck out of the house and has a little run with my friend Bear. Bear brought me home, mommy gives his treats so bear does what she (yes she) is told. Goodnight friends.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

MJs big days

Hi, My name is Mj and I am a pitbull cross. I am here to let you know that I am the most fun lovable slobbery non violent dog you will ever meet. I will be 6 years old in July. Wow...I am glad I am a dog or I would have to go to school. My mom is new at this blogging thing so I am not sure how to add pictures and stuff. I will try and help her. Anyhow this is all she is showing you for today. Tomorrow we are going to the doggy is taking pictures with the new camera and I am going to run and run....If I am not too tired i will let you all know what the doggy park looks like. One day I will tell you about the day I was violated by a chihuahua named Bingo...Gross.