Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mjs update

So, I realize we have not been doing much of a job of posting on my blog lately, but my secretary is not what I would call usefull at best.....She is working, so I guess I should give her a bit of a break for that. Anyhow can you guys out there guess where we are when this picture was taken. The bear in this picture was fishing...my mom would not let me go fishing. She did not think I would do very well up against 7 bears.
I figured that I could fish better than any of them. Parents are so stupid some days...
Look here...these guys must have known that I was in the neighbourhood...but..again..I had to stay in the car. I am pretty sure that the dumb bears were afraid of me...they knew there was a mean mean eating machine in the car.
Moooooooooooommmmm.....my friends dont need to see your stupid Tiger....gawd...
This is the worlds bravest bird. he actually stole my buddy Coopers food. Can you believe that..right from under his nose...he just came up and helped himself..
Time to go home from Camping....Its good to have the whole back seat to myself...
Whoops...this is in the wrong spot...this is my place in Coopers moms trailer....very comfy..
So when I got home ....I was ready to rest on my very own bed..(cuz Cooper was resting on my very own bed at camping), and anyhow...look at what is on my bed....a big furball....stupid cat..

m Stupid Stupid Stupid CAT
oh well...I will take over the couch....Look at me all sleepy and beautiful.....goodnight folks..