Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Has Sprung...oh what a beauuuuuuuutiful day...

Today is sooooooooooooo nice outside....the windows of my limo arent really clean, but I like to direct mom by pointing my nose towards the beach. Can you see all the cherry pretty. That means that spring is springing. I am so glad the sun is shining.

aaaaahhhh this is the life friends....this is the life. Me and the sea....that, is what my life is all about. I didnt go in the water today, I had to much to see. There weren't many dogs around, but that is okay...that just lets me know that I OWN THE BEACH.....

I played with this little girl a bit. First we danced, then we punched and jumped and sniffed. She wanted me to come with her to go to the beach. I said no cuz mom wouldnt go that way. Sometimes, moms are a pain in the butt.

I am pooped here. All the running today has knocked me out. I am happy though. Look at my tongue....and my big ole smile. This, my friends, is a happy happy girl. I hear a rumor that if it is this nice is going to take me on an extra long walk. I am sooooooo excited. Rain rain stay away....make the sunshine here to stay.....



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Bella said...

MJ - you lucky girl - prides in car, play time at beach - meeting some new playmates too - what a day indeed.
It's cool you can play well with others as the big guy in our household (mastiffX) sometimes really takes a dislike to other male dogs - we are working on his anger management !