Saturday, March 24, 2007


SO MY MOM sat me down on the bed and told me we have to have a chat. I listened a b it...but she also had chocolate whoppers so I wasn't payijng that good of attention. I do like the occasional chocolate whopper. (very occasional..but it is always worth a try.)

She told me tto get closer and pay attention to i did....this must be really really important. She said the best news I ever did hear. I am finally going to be a big sister. I am so excited. We are getting a puppy. Mom said it will be very tiny so I have to be very careful with her. I cant believe mom even had to tell me. I am always careful with tiny doggies. Anyhow i waited and waited.

Then mom told the cat. The cat could care less...she hates every doggy....she would even rather I was n ot around. Cats are the root of all evil.

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