Thursday, March 29, 2007

RIP ISSY....WE WILL MISS YOU AT THE BARK PARK today was a beaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful day. It was definately spring.....the air smells so nice. I did lots of stuff and met lots of dogs....but mom says blogger is b eing a butthead tonight so she stuck with two pictures. Two very wonderful pictures. Look at my butt. Anyhow enough about me....I just want everyone to know what a nice day it was. All the bigger dogs were at the park tonight. Airies and Charlie were fighting over a big stick. They are and sister, so they were just really having fun...but some of the moms thought it sounded very scarey. I tried to break them up...but mom..the big meanie, told me to mind my own business. I took off and watched from the outside. Then I went down to the beach and swam. Mom said it probably wasnt warm enough, but I am a pitbull darnit...i can handle a little cold. Another black lab came downt to the beach, but she only went in to her knees and wimped out. Man ....what a chicken. After the beach I went up and ran around with Sarah and Charlie and Airies again. Max the dog was there...but he is 14 and deaf and grouchy. He wanted nothing to do with us. Do you guys remember Sarah. I posted pictures of her and her sister who looked like OPY, AND THERE is a picture at the top here. Anyhow she passed away this weekend. Very sad. Sarah is doing alright though, her mom said she doesn't seem to notice. I bet she does. Moms dont know everything. I hate it when my doggy buddies go away ...
Anyhow that is all for today.. Oh ...and isnt it exciting that maybe will will get two Times Tanner a week. Fun....Lets go Team Tanner....You all have a good day....MJ OUT


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Ohhh, poor Issy :-( RIP swwet one - hope that you are now running free at the Bridge.

MJ - your new "puppy" is mighty cute :-)


Myeo said...

We are in Team Joey but we like Tanner Tuesday too!

Boy n Baby

Tadpole said...

I'm sure Sarah knows - she's probably just putting on a strong front so her mom won't be so sad. Rest in peace, pretty girl.

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

MJ, so sorry to hear about your friend. We are just glad she was lucky to have a good home and lots of love.

We haven't had a chance to come by lately and we find out you have a new puppy. Interesting looking little girl. If anyone can show her how to grow up into a doggie, it's you.

We missed you and we are glad we made it by to see what's happening!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Loui (and his mum!) said...

Sorry to hear about your friend....Hugs to you!

Loui xx

Joe Stains said...

no no no, only one day of Tanner!!!!

Cash said...

Poor Issy!! RIP
About your new "puppy".....uhhhhh.....errrrr....ummmmmmm.....well.....better let your Mom tell ya!

Fu Fu said...

Hey MJ.. Sorry I haven't been coming to your blog. You got a new puppy? That's so cute.... I bet you're being such a good big sister to the puppy. Er.. have you brought your puppy to the dog park? What are the other doggies saying about her?

~ fufu

e said...

Hey MJ
It's been awhile since we visited. How are things?

You have a sister??