Wednesday, January 03, 2007


HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL YOU DOG BLOGGERS OUT THERE. I AM SO GLAD IT IS A NEW YEAR....CUZ MOM TOLD ME THAT FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS...starting next week...she wont be at work all the time. I hate it when mom works so much...cuz i dont get much valuable park time. Geez...what is a good looking girl like me to do except go to the park and tease the men. Anyhow we have had a good time between christmas and new years...but my favorite night was probably the night mom got pulled over by the police..Here is what went to pick up my brother...and on teh way home she saw a road block....i was sitting on Ricks knee in the front seat...but when mom saw the police she told me to get in the back and shut up....(i guess sometimes i like to chat with the officers...) I did as she said. I sat in the back..and didnt say a word. Then the police asked mom for her knew she had it but she couldnt find it anywhere....hehhheeeheheh..i sat quietly...hehhheeeh...and mom told the police man that she must have left it at home...hehehehe
the police man went and checked her out... and he came back...heheeehehehe... with a ticket for her for 81 dollars. I remained sitting quietly ..heeehhheeehh..until we got home. Mom grumped and groaned the whole way home. When we got out of the car...hahahahahahahaha ... mom saw her wallet. I was sitting on it the whole time. HAHAHAHHA...if only i was allowed to speak. I am soooooooooo sure I woul dhave let her know where it was. OH the life of a dog...MJ wins again. That will teach her to tell me to shut up. Anyhow that was that. Since then we had new years eve. OH MY GOD....has anyone else out there had to suffer the pain of kareoke....oh MY should be illegal... betweeen that and fire crackers...i am not sure I want to ever live through that again. The good thing was that auntie meghan was over so we went for a walk down by the water at about midnight....that was even a bit scarey cuz some stupid people had there stupid fire crackers down there....but that was it. Since then...things have been sooooooooooooooooooo lonely cuz mom has been working and dad wont take me anywhere....Hockey Hockey Hockey...that is aaaaaaaaaaaalllll he cares about....Mom and I went for an nice walk in the rain at 4 this morning...where was dad...resting up for a hockey was so refreshing...he would have loved it. Anyhow not much more going on. I have been tagged about my new years resolutions..and have had a few days to think about it...
1... I will try and eat more cookies and treats....
2. I will try and get mom to walk she gets lots of the beach...
3. I wil try and sleep on my own bed once in awhile so mom has leg room...
4. I will try and convince mom to help me blog more....she has been very lazy lately
5. I will try and convince mom we need to get me a little sister or brother from the spca..
6. I will try not to flirt toooo much with my booodog dudley.....
7..i will try not to be so jealous of that darn sunshade...who has all the men after her..

I think that is it for now....anyhow time for me to go and drag my butt on the new wood floors....heheheheh mmmom lovvvvvvvvvvvves it when i do that....oh ...what a girl...anyhow ...see you all soon....MJ OUT


Justin said...

Happy New Year to u too!!

I have arranged for a Dog Of The Week Contest!. plz check out my blog for more details..
or else, tell your Momma to check it.

Thank you.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Ho that license bit was good!

Happy New Year cutie.

Bussie Kissies

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

Hey MJ. I am sorry for not noticing just how lovely you smell before. Sunshade isn't the only cute babe with a blog!! Can I lick you....slurp! Oh sorry for not waiting for your permission. Couldn't help myself!! Mummy would tell me off if she knew...but you look so shiney and naughty!!!

Joe Stains said...

you definitely need a brother or a sister, just dont get a doofus face!!

Studly Dudley said...

MJ! I just tagged you for the New Year's game.. and here I see that someone has beat me to it! Well, I was still thinking of you, my lovely pittie girl.

A new little brother or sister from the SPCA?? That sounds like fun! As long as you don't bring home a BOYFRIEND from the SPCa.. then it is all good with me.. <3

Love licks and slobbies,
your STUDLY Dudley

PS - delete that Justin's comment.. his link will mess up your browser! >:( Just press alt-F4 if you ever click it by accident.

A&S said...

dear mj,
sounds like you had such a fun time with your mom over the holidays! maybe if joey's b-day joey-palooza is made into an OFFICIAL government/bank holiday, she'll have it off of work and then you can have at least that time! why doesn't your dad teach you to play hockey? then you can help him practice and stuff!

akira & shiro

Fu Fu said...

Hey MJ, Happy new year to you.
Hope you'll keep all your resolutions. :)

~ fufu