Friday, January 05, 2007


OKAY SO IT IS RAINING AGAIN....AND IT IS RAINING SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH I DONT EVEN WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH...SERIOUSLY...I LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF SONGHEES FALLS HERE...RAIN RAIN RAIN.....ITS RAINING CATS AND CATS AND MORE CATS. ANYHOW...SEE MY COOL JERSEY....sorry about the yelling...but rain makes me crabby. I want to go hang out with my dog buddies...but nobody is outside....anyhow back to my cool jersey...that is the TEAM CANADA HOCKEY JERSEY. Today we kicked team Russias butt...and Wednesday we kicked Team USA....and we are once again....the hockey champs....The only thing missing on the team was the team I MJ ROULEAU...have nominated myself the team dog.....I like the ice. I like the year team CANADA, give me a call and I will come along with you. Anyhow....I gotta go now and figure out a way that mommy can feed me some treats....I just had some cashews.....but I need something with more substance.....I will let you all know soon.....MJ OUT


Anonymous said...

Hi MJ! Pleased to meet you! You look really good in that jersey. You must love ice hockey. My Dad used to muck around on ice (he says) but he never played for real. Ice hockey isn't really big out here but I don't mind watching whatever my Mum and Dad are watching on TV. I hope your rain cats come and pour in our water things so we don't have a drought anymore. Just as long as I am in my house with my hoomans.

*sniffs your butt*
Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Joe Stains said...

try getting a butt infection, you get lots of treats!!

Toby said...

Love your shirt!!!