Thursday, November 09, 2006

MJs Big Road Trip

Oh what a feeling....itchy scrathy smelly goodness

OH you think you can get me mr.wave...okay you can get me mr .wave

This is my buddy auntie meghan...we are having a leaf fight in Chemainus....

Here is me and auntie meghan at Goldstream Park..There are sure some big trees here.

What the heck are they thinking...No dogs..that is just so wrong...

These pictures were taken when mommy, me, and auntie meghan went on our first ever ROAD TRIP 2006. It was so much fun. We stopped at lots of places. I got to pee all over vancouver island...and inspect. I did alot of inspecting. That is a very important job. Did you know that every where I went....a dog went before me. I smelled some fantastic smells let me tell you. Mommy and Megs even went to a fudge store and bought some pumpkin fudge. It was yummy. (actually who am i kidding...mommy doesnt share fudge...kinda selfish really..i would have shared my fudge) very favoritist place we stopped was in Chemainus...because...I sniffed and inspected and sniffed and inspected....and finally I FOUND IT....I MJ POTTER FOUND A DOGGY BAKERY. SERIOUSLY I found it all by myself. This was indeedy a good find. Auntie Meghan gave me five bucks and told me to spend it how I wanted. So I got Five whole dollars worth of assorted cookies...i was like a kid in a candy store. Only problem is....well..umm...the cookies auntie meghan ...if you are reading this.......
Anyhow doggys and dogettes.....I have lots of stuff to tell you that i missed in the past weeks...but there is plenty of time for that.....for tonight I better go to bed....mommy had me out till almost 2 in the morning goodnight y'all....MJ OUT


Studly Dudley said...

Hey MJ

I'm sure glad you're blogging again.. your blog is always one of the funniest that I read. You have such an attitude.. I love it! Of course all us BC dogs are permitted to have attitudes because clearly we live in the best part of the continent.. west coast represent!
By the way, whoever put that 'NO PETS!' sign was probably a MEAN OLD DOBERMAN.. did you see the sticker to the right of it?? It was posted by "A DOBIE"!!!!!!
Anyway glad you had such a time in Chemainus! Isn't the water too cold to play in? I've never been to the Island but I think I would like it, especially the ferry ride over.


Deanna said...

I've never seen a tree that big! It might take me a few days to water all the way around that thing!