Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Okay now....for the love of Lassie...how hard can it be to move a little furniture. I, MJ, am losing fan base here. I have pups and puppetes everywhere who definately need to see my photos and my daily adventures. In fact...what the heck is going on about my adventures..I seem to be spending alot of time alone...too much in fact. Today my gramma came here and took mom away....she didnt even come and give me a kiss. I used to love my gramma. ...I just dont know anymore....such a dissappointment in my little pit bull heart. My brother and mommy are working way more now so I have to stay home and hold the fort down...whatever that means...i mean I know I am big and strong..but I just want to sleep when they are gone...I dont want to have to hold onto anything. So I just agree with them when they leave...and when they get back the "fort" must still be here cuz the next day they tell me to do the same thing. I just want my dang computer to get hooked up. And the worst news of all is this...Dad decided we needed to get rid of my carpets and put laminate in our house...okay so all you pups out there ...be careful...the evil laminate makes you do things you didnt think your body could do. It is an evil floor...i was trying to catch my tail the other day....and fell flat on my bodacious butt....anyhow enough of my problems for now...I am soooooooooo sure tomorrow I will be back on MY computer....with MY camera....and MY photos....so for now...MJ OUT


Fu Fu said...

Aw.. dont worry MJ, I'll still come to your blog without pic.

~ fufu

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

MJ, Fufu is right, we will not desert you just because you don't post any pictures. You are interesting enough without them (but don't tell your Mom so she will post some just because you want to).

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Studly Dudley said...

MJ baby,

I am awaiting your return with bated breath.. hopefully it is bait that you are attracted to.. so that you will come and blog soon.
Gramma is also thinking of putting in hardwood floors.. but I don't know if I like that. Carpet is so warm and snuggly.. plus my hair gets stuck in it, and who wouldn't want that?? Bulldog hair for everyone!
Anyway, we are patiently waiting for your return! MORE OCEAN ADVENTURE PHOTOS!


sarah said...

dear mj,
what happened to your profile pic? we miss you!


Anonymous said...

Hey MJ... has your mission really been that boring... I heard a rumour that your mission had you travelling Is that True???? Would love to hear all about that if it is...Sorry to hear that you don't like your new floor.
Take Care and talk to yuo soon ...
Love your human friend Megsxoxox