Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes You just need a Coffee anyone out there....HELLO...............Oh I think I see you...hi gramma...hi auntie...oh hi Mango........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mango....Hi sam and pippen.....aaaahhhh there you all are....

Anyhow first of all I want to tell you all that my gramma went to the hospital and they cut her open and now she is supposed to be fixed but she feels more I need ever dog and cat to get those paws together to make my gramma feel better.....POWER TO THE PAWS PEEPS..
Also...I am a little concerned about someone trying to blow up my auntie and uncle and little cousin Maggie....something 'SPLODED..outside the house the other day...they are okay..but it must have been vewy scawy for them all....anyhow ...thats enough about them...this is about me..

i am pretty sure you all know we are living in the Yukon right now...when we moved here dad said it was beautiful and lots of trails and trees and mountain....

and fresh air....and rivers ....and fun camping sights....and a nice quiet little town ...and he said on occasion it may get a little it is -38 C.....a little cold my @#$$ anyhow...Iwas getting a little angry so mom took me to Tim Hortons and got us a coffee.....

Seriousy...its good to the last drop.....the very last drop...I actually rip the cup apart so that i dont miss anything.....I gotta go nap now.....Talk to you all soon.....MJ OUT


Dexter said...

MJ! I sure hope granny gets better with her new insides. It sounds kind of scary. I will send her my good thoughts. Not sure what to make the the sploding at your uncle and auntie house.

I am relieved to see you safe and sound and staying warm. You must have accidentally moved to the north pole.


Angus said...

Nap. After coffee ? That Yukon cold must really be tiring you out.

What was it that exploded ? Scary stuff.

Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
Paws crossed here for your Gramma. I hope she gets better soon!
And that sploding thing sounds scary too!
Glad your Auntie and Uncle are ok!
Aaaand... -38°C???? Sorry but my mind does not let me imagine how cold is that!
Sure that coffee made you feel better!
Take care
Kisse and hugs

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We will certainly keep our paws crossed and best wishes coming for your grammy's full and speedy recovery. Maybe they need to up her pain meds, if she still feels broken? Healing is hard work.

And what's with the explosion dropped casually into the conversation and not explained?! Hope a plane didn't fall on their house or anyting.

You are a rare doggie, MJ, not least because caffeine makes you sleepy! Bet your Spring will be gorgeous once it finally arrives.

Jed & Abby