Thursday, December 10, 2009

So you arent going to get a picture with this blog.....mommy is not thinking very good at all. I am going to let you read about my adventure and later today I will blog stuff about today. Bye for now....

This is actually a picture from last Christmas....apparently we don't take many pictures of me as much....unless it is with the cell phone...then it goes on some stupid place called facebook...but anyhow...i need to tell you all that i missed you. My dad was away for awhile with my mom's camera,, and mom is working like a crazy person....and today all heck broke came home from work and someone was missing. heheheheh.....I was just so mad that she wouldnt take me to as soon as she left...I decided it was time to escape. I cant tell you how I escaped, that would cause a little bit of a problem if I ever want to escape again. Anyhow I escaped. I just needed to get out and see what was going on in the world. MOm came home from work to get me, she says we were going to go to the beach, and anyhow when she found that I had escaped she freaked out. She looked everywhere....and guess where she found would never ever guess...not in one day....i was across the street....a very busy street....(admirals road if you live her) and I was at the doggy spa.....they told mom they found me wandering around outside....NOT>..i was going there on purpose....I even had a manicure while I was there. (mom said that is what i get for scaring her half to death....whateverrrrrrrrr..) Anyhow I am home safe and sound...and hopefully I will be on more often...I need to go back to sleep. I am very very very tired...and time I escape I am coming to see you. Time to go now. I need to sleep . MJ OUT


Dexter said...

MJ! I was scared just reading that! OK, so you went to the spa, but at least you could have left a note or something so your poor old mom wouldn't freak. What if she fainted and forgot to pick you up.

Do be careful, OK?


Lorenza said...

Sure you gave your mom a scary time!
Glad you are ok!
Please, don't do it again, ok??
Kisses and hugs

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Moose said...

Wow MJ, I am just now catching up on blog reading and OMD you are one lucky girl. I live near a busy road and when I am on a leash I will trot directly out towards moving cars if momma is not paying attention so she is conviced that I would never make it out on my own. I have gotten out only once (I am not as clever as you about escape routes!) and she found me across the street eating the neighbors cat food! Anyhow, not that I am rooting for the humans but I hope your mom can find your secret exit so you won't get out again. I have seen pics from your place on here, looks perfectly lovely and for pete's sake you were going to go to the beach so just chill out!