Sunday, December 14, 2008


Check this and I were walking on the Gorge...and I found the perfect Christmas tree....after delivering some very special pee mail, I asked Mom....from this moment knows and Scroogette, if she would take it home for our tree...NOPE,,,,she actually said NO to ME. I warned her that Santa will not be impressed..but she didn't even was a definate NO...Well I hope she appreciated the gift she doesnt get from me this year.....grrrr check this out...CHECK IT OUT is freaking snowing in my hood. It never snows on Vancouver really pretty fun snow anyhow. Tonight mom let me out with my leash attached but I got to run and chase after Bear. It totally rocked my evening. I LOve The snoW.....I am from Ontario you know.....

So now the bad news....I keep getting calls on my Cell...they are from Lacie trying to be my friend. She says she isnt interested in Mango...she is just being a player....I thought only boys could be players...I dont know...anyhow ...i told mom I am not taking any more calls right now. I need to know fi maybe it is time to .....sigh.....let the big man sew his wild oats...I mean when you are Mango the cant help but attract women...I now exactly how he feels...

Anyhow I must say that the old girl is good at screening my calls. I just need a couple days to figure things out. I am sure it will all be okay...I mean..I love the big guy...but there a few littel guys I kinda like too...and a short corgador that has my fancy lately....and the the Doof makes me laugh...aand well...since Freda passed away poor Charlie has been kinda loney...Mango will always be my number one...but we really need to share our magnificence...

Anyhow The peeps are snacking so I really need to go and monitor these things....I hope you all have a great weekend....MJ OUT..


Raising Addie said...

WOW have fun in the snow MJ!

Cool phone... but just let your voice mail grab those calls until you figure things out!


Joe Stains said...

MJ my girlfriend Sophie has a bunch of boyfriends, but I am number one and I am ok with that. Plus, its kinda dangerous to cross Lacie. You ever see that movie Fatal Attraction????

thanks for the comments on the little dude, Mom thought he totally reminded her of you. then that made her sad again. ARGH. humans.

Sophie Brador said...

MJ, You should have an array of boyfriends. I do and it works out very well for me. Of course, Joe is #1, but that number 2 spot is filled with lots of boys, like Wally and Bear and Dakotah and, well, the list is endless. Maybe I should call so we can chat about boys some time. Hope your old girl doesn't screen my calls.


Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
Too bad you mom did not want to bring that tree to your house! Its beautiful!
I know Mango loves you!
Take some time and make a decision!
Kisses and hugs

Dexter said...

No MJ NO! Lacie is nothing but a terrier stalker. I know! One of her previous victims left me a note. Don't take her calls. She will fill your head with lies.

And, frankly, I am SHOCKED that you would actually consider the Doofus? I mean, he's like, a DOOFUS!

And tell your mom I will be right over to help bring that tree home, because that's what MJ wants.