Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Training Budha

So today my new little buddy BUDHA came over. His mom wanted me to teach him how to go for a walk at the park. So mainly this is just a video of our walk. But since everyone else has had videos of their walks mom has decided to try and impress you all with her talents, I would keep a bucket close by, cuz it makes me dizzy to just look at them. In case you are wondering, I am the more volumptuous of the two dogs...after all Budha is a little baby boy. So have a good look, and stay tuned tomorrow for a new video of my friends at the park.....


Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
You are a good teacher. Budha was following you all the time!
Kisses and hugs

Raising Addie said...

Budha is so cute when he runs after you! It's almost like a hop!


Dexter said...

MJ, darlin'
That movie made me really dizzy, but it was fun to see you romping about. I'm a little worried about this whole poker thing. Its hard to keep track of which cards make you win and those terriers are really sneaky.


Anonymous said...


We aren't so sure you're a very good teacher... that looks like you're taking Budha for a walk on the naughty side of the park! We are shocked!

Sam and Pippen