Sunday, July 27, 2008

I think I need some Help here.

Well hello dogs....I have a problem Right now My Dad is in a city called Dubai. Dubai is the richest city in the world. And that is not my problem. You know how all us doggies have got to stick together and keep all our other four legged friends safe. Well here is my problem. See that big doggy up in this picture. WEll, this is not really a doggy, this is called a camel. And I hear that even though this Dubai place is the richest city in the world, these poor camels are tortured by humans that want to ride them in the hot hot hot hot hot sun. And the reason I bring this to your attention, is because as I type this letter, with the help of my secretary, MY HUGE DAD, is riding one of these poor animals in the desert. oOH MY DAWGS.....WE ALL NEED TO PRAY FOR THIS POOR ANIMAL. I am so worried that this poor camel will have a HUGE dent where his hump is supposed to be. And for WHAT? so my dad can go for a ride in the desert, have a barbque, (i bet they dont even share with the poor camel, and watch some bellies dancing. Now, I have seen my dads belly, and it just aint right. IT JUST AINT RIGHT. SO I need all you dogs to put your paws together....and pray to whoever it is you pray to....and say a big one for this poor camel in the desert. Whew...NOw that I know you are all together with me...I wont worry so much. And I am just thinking that my dad on a camel....would be like me taking Mango for a piggy back. It just wouldnt work....(no offence Mango...)..anyhhow I am giving you a couple more pictures of Dubai...sorry no pics of me this time. I will have a camera soon I hope. Have a good week everyone. MJ OUT


Dexter said...

I'm not sure if I should be offended by your reference to my huge and magnificent size. You know I AM on a diet.

Whatever. That poor camel with your dad all sitting on it and making it go walkies. Maybe we should call Animal Cops Dubai!



Woof MJ

Oh my dog, look at the size of that thing. Bet it would be fun to chase.
MJ, we've given you the brilliant weblog award. Congrats.

Woof, woof,
Desert Pups

Joe Stains said...

Oh no, what if he is the Dad that broke the camel's back?! This is terrible! Is there a petition I can sign??

Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
Your Dad must be very happy there in Dubai. I've heard its a beautiful place!
I am with your. Paws crossed for that camel!
Kisses and hugs

Petra said...

Your dad is having lots of adventures in Dubai! I wonder if that camel can take care of himself, though ~~~ he's a giant!