Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Well this is the sad day I have to tell you some sad news. Some very sad news, but here it goes...There will be no pictures of MJ for quite some time. Mommy was not very smart, and left my camera on the ground, and drained the pool and the water flooded her camera. So....even though I complained about my picture getting taked all the time, I miss it. Summer is here, dad is gone, and I am looking quite beautiful since I have lost tons of weight. I dont get any real junk food. But mom has bought some awesome chicken treats....I would take a picture to show you...but...again...mom is an idiot. A big dodo head. So...what is new here, hmmmmm, mom has for sure started something around here, first dad left and then my brother left. And at least my brother comes back once in a while to do stuff like walk me. So that is cool. I spend alot of time alone those....and dreaming about my main man Mango....Mango...if you read this....know that even though I havent blogged much....you are still in my heart big fella. And I know you would be loving the new sexier me. Today was a very fun day....Mom Gramma, my cousin Jordan and I went down to the beach and I got to jump in the ocean and swim and swim and swim....we went and checked out the bomb shelters too....I wanted to go in and check them out but mom wouldnt let me.....(Whew....i was a bit scared cuz it was very dark in them)...so after I swam like an olympian for a bit, we went home and I slept. After supper, Mom and jordan and i went down to another park....dallas road....and we walked....and walked....i saw the cutest little tiny chihuhua with a back back....It was so cute, but I dont want one....I cant be working and playing. And a back pack would just make me work.
Anyhow i am so sorry I have not blogged....but I do read your blogs.....all the time....So dont forget about me.....Huskee....will you tell your mommy that we are all thinking about you.....Tanner...I smell a rat.... i know you didnt just suddenly fall on the floor....i think not....ummm....Tadpole....you are handsome clean or dirty.....everyone....keep on bloggin....opy....charlie....i hope everything is okay there.....some day i will have pictures again....mom doesnt think we can afford another camera.....personally i think she is nuts....how is the world going to go on without pictures of me....grrrrrrr...anyhow...you guys all have a good week....mj out...


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh I miss your smiling face...but don't worry...I know we'll see your cute face soon!

Lots of licks, Ruby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear... Come back soon MJ. I miss seeing your photos

~ Girl girl

Sophie Brador said...

Hey MJ, Good to hear you are looking great!

Sorry to hear about the camera and the dad. I had a dad once too and I can tell you, they are over-rated. I liked it when he was here, but he's been gone for a few years and I never ever think about him. When I see him now, I don't even really get excited. I'm more like, yeah, whatever. Where's my ball?

I sure hope your mom gets a new camera soon so we can all see how fabulous you look.


Joe Stains said...

No pictures of you?? This is VERY sad. As for what you said to Tanner, I had NOTHING to do with it, I promise!! Tell Zippy hi!

Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
So glad to hear from you!
Too bad there are no pictures of you! I hope we can see you soon!
Kisses and hugs

Simba said...

awwww...hope you find a new camera on sale!! We NEED to see MJ!!!



Dexter said...

Oh MJ darlin, your mom is a spaz. After all, she does have thumbs which are supposed to help her to be more smartererer...

I can't wait to see your hot new look (but I'm still lovin you regardless of your size).

I've trimmed down, too. Chasing pee-wee really burns the calories. Plus, I am not all that interested in my foodies for some reason (maybe I am heart sick for you).


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi MJ,
The blogging world is not gonna be the same without your pics so I hope too see your beautiful face soon!
Mom says 'Thank You' for thinking abt us.. you are the 'bestest'.
Meanwhile, I will keep looking at those previous pics of you to tide me through the 'dry spell'

Ben & Darling said...

MJ, I hope you get your camera soon coz we miss your bootiful face.

slurpy licks,


Woof, MJ

You didn't get the blame for the camera? Mom's always blaming us for everything. I guess that's cause we usually are into everything.

Woof, Woof,
Desert Pups-Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby


Woof MJ

Desert pups again. Actually we two girls and two boys, Scuba and Keiko are girl doggies and Norman and Toby are the leg lifters. Thanks for stopping by Life Inside the Fence.