Friday, April 11, 2008

HOOOORAY YOUR CROSSED PAWS AND PRAYERS WORKED ....HOORAY..... has been a heck of a week at the palace.....first he was going, then he wasnt going, then he may go.....then he for sure was not he is....whew...but...sad...So my dad is leaving this sunday for 194 days....that is 193 sleeps that Iget his whole side of the bed without getting kicked....193 walks to the beach with mom....and ....sadly...194 days of NO shares his peanuts with me....darn..i forgot all about that. Oh well. We just really want to thanks all you dogs for all your hard work. oh and i almost forgot...first of all...For Joe Stains...yes...carter was named after a baseball player...he was a catcher for the MONTREAL EXPOS....who are now the WAshington team....also.......GO HABS GO.....THAT WAS FOR YOU DAD....SORRY I BORROWED YOUR TSHIRT


Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
These are great news! You dad will be the happiest man in this world. I know you will miss him but sure he deserves this trip!
Kisses and hugs

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Woot ! That is great news for your dad MJ - but not so great news for you and your mum - I am sure you will miss him heaps.

Tell him that we all wish him a safe journey - and to not worry, as my mum will look after your mum. (I saw her putting more wine in the fridge !)


Dexter said...

MJ Darlin -
You look funny sitting on the couch. Your most lush hiney appears to be kind of sliding off.

Make sure you keep track of all the walkies you need to have until your dad comes home. Your Momma might get lazy and try to skip one or two.


Sophie Brador said...

That's where our Expos went! I hope things go well for your dad's voyage. Maybe your mom will slip you some peanuts now and then, but don't eat them on your dad's side of the bed.


Joe Stains said...

HOORAY great news for your Dad and not so great for your mouth without peanuts. Mom and Dad both remember the Gary Carter player! Have fun snoozing in the big bed, tell your Dad to have fun!

Petra said...

Woohoo! I'm so happy for your dad!

I know you will take good care of your mom and she will take good care of you while he is gone and everything will turn out fabulous! Who knows, maybe your mom will even give you a peanut or two every now and then.


Mack said...

Yay for Dad!

Tell hime to take lotsa pictures for your bloggy!

Princess Patches said...

Yay for your dad, MJ! We hope he enjoys his trip...and we know you will enjoy sleeping in his bed! Take care of your mom!

Poppy & Penny

chummy's mum said...

That's great news! Yay for your dad!

Hey, wasn't Carter on the Miracle of '86 Mets too? Cool namesake.