Friday, September 21, 2007

OH my Dogs...Be careful What you Wish FOR

oh my OH MY oh Woh am I....What have I done. I am sure I will feel better tomorrow. But Tater is gone. He went to a good home in Maple Ridge. He has a big sister named Whisper. And he left while dad and I went out for a walk...What have I done my friends...I miss the little gaffer least I think I do...I could just be tired from the long walk dad took me on. Anyhow I hope the little guy is happy. I am going to go sleep now..I think...but mom is actually cooking so I may stay awake...first auntie meghan leaves ....then Tater...aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...Oh well...Korena called...she is going to take me for a walk soon she said....gotta go my peeps....MJ out...PS...I hope i feel better before Lolas big disco bash


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey MJ, nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Don't be a stranger! J x

Balboa said...

Oh No, MJ,

I am so sorry that you miss Tater, but now he has a wonderful forever home.

I'm working on your interview questions, I'll have them by the end of the day.

Frenchie Snorts

Sophie Brador said...

Will Tater come for visits? Awwwww. That's kind of making me sad. But you look like you're having a great snooze, so not too sad. You have a very cute snout!

Ruby Bleu said...

I'm sure Tater is going to miss you too. Just rest will all be ok!

Lots of Licks, Ruby


Oh thats so sad your little friend is gone. my dads keep saying they want to get me a little friend to play with, but I don't want to share them.


Frankie Doodles

Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ
I was sure you were going to miss Tater! But, he found a lovely family and he will be happy with them!

Texas's Mum said...

OH Mj,
My pitbull princess
if ever you want to talk
i will be hear ok so just rest my

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Lacy said...

woofies MJ, nice to meet u...tater is gonna b happys in his furever home and u r gonna b the king of the house again...mayb ur mom and dad will foster another furbaby u can train..heehee


Joe Stains said...

oh dog, if this were only true for me, I have tried to wish away Tanner for two years!