Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wrestledogmia 1

Anyone interested in joining me in the first annual wrestledogmia? I had a practice match against Backus, a Bull mastiff cross today. It was so fun. He was just throwing me around and I didnt care. He didnt scare me. We had such a fun time. He wasnt nearly as scarey as the horse dog and great danes....Backus didnt bark at all. Dallas Road is my new favorite place to go today. Tomorrow may be different...but who knows. Last night my best buddy Jody took me to the park. He is fun to go to the park with cuz he runs with me. Man...he is just like a bull mastiff...sarah should call him Backus too. I would show you a picture of us, but mom would let me take her "precious" camera to the beach. Whatever...OH and grandma hurt herself changing the toilet paper roll today, she is stuck in bed and in the chair...I might go over and take the lines out of her carpet. Actually I hope gramma is going to be better tomorrow. You know what they do to horses that go lame. I love you gramma. Anyhow mom says i have to get off the computer. She says i spend too much time looking at all the doggy blogs...again...whatever!

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