Sunday, July 30, 2006


Just what is inside that thing anyhow
My beach and Dallas road
My new little buddy at the park..i had to take him to his dad...and his dad said i was a good BOY....stupid

SO FIRSTof all I would like to thank all my "dawgs" for helping me in my desperate hours. I may have been a weeeeee bit dramatic.....but being alone all day brings out the worst in me. Poor me. Anyhow I would like to tell you I have decided to give mom one more chance. Afterall dad will be home in a week...and I am pretty sure there will be presents for me...yey for me...and ya, I kinda like mom. She spoils me most of the time...and we did get to go to the park today...and i did get walks besides that. Then when mom went to work brother was home, so we both napped....well actually..i never nap when mom isnt home...i just watch things around the make sure nobody breaks the perimeter of our mansion.....I do a good job too...just ask my mommy...sometimes i get very tired...but i pace until she gets home...anyhow everyone that said i can live with them....sorry to dissappoint you...but i guess i better stay here and keep this place safe....and thanks again for everything......

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Flossikens said...

Hey Mj,

Your so lucky getting to go to the beach all the time =[ I've been here in the world for 13 years and still has never ever been to the beach =[

Angus xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo