Thursday, July 06, 2006

Those waskely wabbits....

I just got back from the beach, and don't mind telling all my faithfull readers that I am a WEE bit iritated with my mother. She is making me crazy. We were down at the beach and I saw this small furry thing run. Well I charged after it....with mom in tow...(i wish she would have let go of the dang would have been much easier)..anyhow all of a sudden it was gone. (Imagine if you will my big sad puppy dog eyes)..anyhow as we were walking towards the car...I kept my nose to the ground and sniffed something different...then i looked...and to my right, about this far from my enemy sniffing nose (my paws are about six inches apart)...was a wascally was just sitting there . It knew the old lady (sorry mom I had to use those words for effect) wouldn't let me get it. So...there it sat the smug little furball that it was. And there was me moping all the way home.. Tonight I will dream about what could have been...sorry no pictures. Goodnight. Opy thanks for your comment. My daddy is in the navy. I am sure he would have let me get the bunny. He would have helped me....grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Good on your daddy MJ for serving his country ! You should be very proud of him - I am sure you will get VERY spoilt when he gets home. I love reading your blog, and your adventures - I always check it out first thing everyday and it always brings a smile to my face - you have such a fun filled life :-)
Lots of love,