Tuesday, July 11, 2006


HEY THERE EVERYONE..TODAY STARTED OUT WIERD...MY HUMAN SISTER SARAH WAS CLIMBING ON COUNTERS AND BEING ALL WIERD...SHE SAID THERE WERE GIANT DUST BUNNIES UP ON TOP OF ALL THE CUPBOARDS. I WAS SO EXCITED...I WANTED TO GET UP AND HELP...BUT MOM SAID WE HAD TO GET OUT OF THERE...SARAH WAS DRIVING HER NUTS...Anyhow so we headed down to Flemings beach. It was really quiet at first...nice for a mommy and pitbull kinda stroll. But on the way back...just before it was time to get in the car.....SCORE......dogs dogs dogs. Life is good. I met this cool bouvier/lab X and he was jumping off the rocks and into the water. It looked a wee bit scary but I knew I could do it....Mom kept telling me to jump....and finally I did..I tell you all...it must have been a 40 foot drop into the ocean. (read editors notes ) I jumped and swam the mile or so to shore. (again...read editors notes.) then the other girl jumped again...and so did I . I was INCREDIBLE. Finally mom told me it was time to go home. I was ready at this point....until two more border collies showed up. we ran and jumped and ran and jumped....it was so fun. It is kinda cool today so I didn't get as tired as normal . Mom kept calling me to come with her...but sometimes I pretend not to hear. Finally she came and leashed me up. Party pooper. Then we went home...I was excited to see what had become of the giant dust bunnies..ALL FREAKIN GONE....THAT GIRL IS GOING TO DRIVE US NUTS.
Time to go to bed now. Have a good night.

editors note....40 foot drop....maybe actually 1 foot
1 mile swim....maybe 200 metres.


MJ's doghouse said...

does anyone know how come my pictures didnt post

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey MJ -

You are my hero ! (Or heroine :-) I would sink like a stone if I jumped into the water - not that you would get me doing that anyway - I hate water ! You sound like you have so much fun every day - me, I just sit around and snooze most of the time - until the weekend when I get to play lots with mum and dad !
I will ask dad about your pics - he might know, he is the "techo" in the family :-)

Anonymous said...

MJ you have the most intresting blog. How many doggy days till your daddy comes home? Today is my birthday... I got myself a tattoo for my present. I hope that you and I and your mom can get together and go to the lagoon and you can scare the ducks like last time. Hugs