Friday, July 14, 2006

MJ the Referee

baby boxer...riley and MJ
Irish wolf hound INka...and baby charpei
pile of puppy love
Inka and sharpei puppy
Hello, MJ the referree here. Guess who had to break up fights, two days in a the dallas park? MJ Potter, moi, ! I guess I am just the voice of reason. You should have seen it...yesterday it was a rotti and a shepherd....the shepherd's daddy was very angry. But I broke it up...I said Fellas...mellow peaceful...and they were. Then today, there was a sharpei puppy and a puppy that looks kinda like me,(a very good looking little guy named Bucket) the sharpei had him cornered under a park bench...and he snapped...and i had to go and break things up. I am going to find a whistle to tie around my neck...and maybe a striped shirt.
Otherwise things are alright...sometimes Mommy is very crabby lately. She wants me to go for walks cuz it sometimes mellows her out. We will see. I am missing my daddy, he will be home in 23 days. Mom said maybe he will bring me a present. I like presents. (so does mom.) Anyhow I am going to go now...sorry this isnt very exciting but our days have been rather low key. I will talk to you soon.....MJ


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

I think you both deserve presents ! My mum has been crabby as well - must be the time of year for it ! Bet you are counting down the days til your dad comes home - it will be great when he comes home !


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi MJ,

Just stopped by to check out your photo's. Looking Good!
I hope you got the hang of it.

Your Ol Pal Chuckles