Sunday, July 09, 2006

STupiD stUPid StuPId

Okay all your canine peeps out there in doggy land...please listen up. This is the end of the stick for me. Earlier today mom took me down to my favorite swimming hole. Nice..I like my swimming hole. But as I am snifffing around minding my own business..she calls me. MJ MJ MJ..come here....and she throws the stick miles out into the ocean...i figure...oh the poor girl, I better go and get her stick for i bring it back....go on with my business...and again..MJMJMJMJ come here mj...and I go see her and she throws the dang stick before she gets all blubbery on me...i swim miles out again and get the stick..but this time i am smart...i grab the stick and hide it. Ya...that fooled her...NOT..would you believe she found another stick...WOULD YOU? PEOPLE....IF YOU WANT TO THROW THE STICK...GO AND GET IT YOURSELF...I HAVE SOME SERIOUS BUTT SNIFFING TO DO. Anyhow other than that it has been a great day..I went to dallas road and say the cutest little kings cavalier spaniel puppy...then we went to Gyro Park and I saved Jordan from being eaten by a giant sea urchin and a giant octopus...really has been I must go to bed and get some sleep...Goodnight everyone....Stupid...stupid...stupid humans...

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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey MJ,

Maybe you should throw a stick and make your human go and get it - over and over, see how they like it :-) Don't they realise how many other interesting things you have to do than stick fetching ? Charlie would love to go swimming with you - but not me, I would sit on the beach and watch - I hate the water, I am scared that I may shrink if I get wet ! Then again, maybe that is a good thing as then I could fit into my 2xl doggie shirt !!!!