Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here we go again

this is me resting after playing with Opal
God I am soooooooooo cute...about 2or 3 months
me and my cat sister....she musta been drunk
opal transferring white rocks...she is a rock hound

so here I am after a couple days off. It has been a quiet few days. Except my human sister sarah had a party here on the weekend..there was some ungodly noise coming out of a box in the living room..I thought someone was stepping on the cat...but they were doing something called kareoke. Friends, if you see one of those machines come into your house...run like heck...they should call it karapuke...cuz that is what I wanted to do.
During the day saturday Opal, a 2 year old white lab friend, came over and was obsessed with moving around our white rocks...she was putting them from one side of the yard to the other. It was just exhausting watching her. I just ended up napping on the steps. So sunday was mostly a sleep day for me. Today mom took me to Dallas road to play for a bit. For a long time i was play wresting with my new little girl buddy. lady henderson. She is 4 months old..and a bull dog. We had so much fun, but the little girl tired me out. I am six now you konw. It was my birthday yesterday. Today I got a birthday card from my human boyfriend, Michael. I love him, and I also got a bumper sticker from my favorite blog buddy Opy. I will have mommy put it on my limo. Nto too much is going on. I think mom said tomorrow we might go to Flemming beach again...or out to a new place. I cant wait. You all have a good day...and take a look at my baby photos. God i am cute...Have a good week everyone....keep on bloggin....woooooooooooooooof...


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey M-J !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY buddy ! Glad you got the sticker - sounds like Opal kept you busy :-)


Zach said...

Happy Birthday, MJ! Love those puppy pictures.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BELATED MJ hugs and kisses
your pal Megs