Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crazy freakin Humans

Okay so today mom was doing her best to torture me...We got up early and went to the beach. That part was fun. I went down to the water with a big hairball....but then....on the way home she noticed that a sea gull pooped on her car....(big whoop) and decided to take me through this torture was the most frightening thing ever...water was attacking us at all sides...then this big foam monster put its guts all over the windows....then...worst of all....a big huge vacuum, noisy vacuum, sucked all the water off us...all i can say is that if i never go through a carwash will be too soon. Mom then took me for a little wee walk....and she left to go to a birthday party all day. As soon as she got home I jumped in the car and off we went the doggy park...we saw lots of horses tonight...(not big dogs....they call them horses...and they work very hard and pull people around all day) So now I am grovelling at my moms feet so she will give me some food. I will get it, it is just a matter of time...I am hoping she will give me the end of her milkshake. Oh mom told me that Bruce got a funny dog for his birthday digs and barks and farts....the funny part is that it has no head. buddy Maggie didnt like it at all..It made her bark. If i was there I would have helped Maggie. They should have taken me. But mom said it was way too hot out for me. So i am going to be greatful. Time for me to send some photos and go to bed. Goodnight everyone...and happy birthday Brucie.

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