Wednesday, July 26, 2006

me and my buddah at the beach...hahahah

get the stick! throw the stick!get the stick!etc

ohoh...i got a little growly with these two today.

my brother me adn our biggggg biggg stick...he fetched....and i barked the orders this time.....

so today was different....i was excited to go back to my new favorite beach. The lagoon...and i was really excited cuz my friend Tim and my brother Rick came with me. I got to show them how fast I am in the water. Rick comes in the water with me so it is even more fun. Today i barked at him until he fetched a realllly big stick for me. Wow...he did a really good job. It was a nice slimey stick. I pulled it in a little bit, but I didnt want him to feel I didnt over do it. Rick was sitting like Buddah on a sand bar. After the beach we drove the guys to the gym. Then mom thought it wouls be a good idea to take me to Dallas road while we were down there. It was a good idea for about three minutes, then i got a little growly. My tummy was empty....and i wanted to go home. Mommy said she never seen me show my teeth and we went home for my dinner...yummy. Anyhow now it is the end of the day..I had a nice nap while mommy was at work. I have heard rumors flying that i will be home alone all day tomorrow. Hmmm..that doesnt sound good to me. Wish me welllll...MJ

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Charlie Kelley-Church said...

You are soooo lucky to have water to swim in. All we have is sand, sand and more sand- all HOT! I don't think I even know how to swim tho so probably wouldn't do me much good. So let me get this straight- you are your cat sister's bed? I'm not allowed up on the furniture at all (the cat's get to tho- so unfair!).

If you've no objection, I'm going to add you to my links section.