Thursday, July 20, 2006

my mom likes this picture...
this isnt me...but it would be ...if i had my own fan
mom cant delete so you get to see it twice
this is me and my buddy kurt...1 year ago..i miss him alot...
so hi everyone...sorry we have not new photos. Mom forgot to charge the batteries.....again. Geez sometimes she would forget me if i wasnt so on the ball. Today we started off later than usual. We went to flemings beach...and on the way...we got pulled over by the trailer park police. Man we didnt know we even had such a thing. I gave Mr Copper a piece of my mind so he let mom off with a smile. But he told her to please slow down. I told him not so many woofs, that we cant slow down...I need to get to the beach, stat. He didnt seem to mom slowed down...alot. We could have walked faster. Mom said he didnt look anything like the police guy on trailer park boys. anyhow we made it to the beach..............finally.......and my brother and i went down to the water while lazy mom sat up top and watched us. Rick kept throwing big sticks for me to go and get. Again....why the heck do they do this...and worst yet, why do i do it. Anyhow i swam out miles and miles to retreive his dang sticks....then finally we ended the swims and finished our walks. It was a nice quiet dogs around..just was like I had my own private dog park. A girl could get used to that. So then mom went to work and i was stuck home alone....but when she got home I let her have did I whine like a tiny little puppy....well until Bear came to the door for a cookie...he barked at me...i think he told me to suck it up and shut I did...and mom took me to the Gorge. It is a beautiful night. I hope everyone is okay. Daddy I love you...cant wait till you get home.

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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Not long to go now MJ til your daddy gets home.....maybe we need to start a countdown :-)