Thursday, January 06, 2011

A beautiful Day in the Horse

I dont know about you pups out there....but my dad and mom have decided to give me one of those new years resolutions....They said I am getting super lazy and I need to get out in the sun a little more....and get a little more here we go....
The best thing of walkies in teh snow is you can see the pee mail before you smell you don't waste so much time....

Oh ya....This is our car...or my pitbullbile....I love it...but I am thinking we need to get some steps soon...

More could sniff all day...I just hate it when they make me stop sniffing and get some walking in.....I am really liking this white stuff....and I dont mind if it isnt too cold...sometimes it is just rediculous....

My mom just likes this pretty sea plane....they dont go very far this time of year...anyhow ...i hope that everyone has an amazing new year....And I am going to try and post more often...By for now.....MJ OUT


Peppy Sheppys said...

Great walking, MJ! I'm with you on the leisurely strolls. Where are you in such a hurry to go? I've got pee mail to read!

Otis T. Potus.

Dexter said...

You and me both. What is up with this exercise stuff? It is so tiring.


Pippen said...

It still looks really cold there! Are you wearing your booties?

Sam and Pippen

steve said...

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