Friday, August 28, 2009

First of all...I figure all that our doggy prayers worked really really buddy KOKO is better....well mostly was her birthday yesterday and they let her out of the now she lives with a friend and her mom and is doing some kind of stuff with doctors to make her allll better so she can move back here and take me for walks and naps....especially naps. My mom said that she is so cool that they are writing a book about her i have a tummy ache nobody writes a big book a bout me....I will need to discuss that with the mother....NOw we have a bit of a problem....My dad has abandoned ship to speak...well he abandoned me and got on his ship....he is gone to south america somewhere...i guess mom thinks he has gone to get some chili...seems like a long time to get some chili.
look at me killing that coat hanger up have probably seen these pics before but the thing is stole moms camera....i am verrrrrrrrrrry happy about so pleased...I cant believe I may go months without being followed by the pupparazzi

The rest of these are just some pictures that mom thought you may like. she will try and do a better job soon...but she just started working at starbucks and she is freakin bagged....her brain hurts.....whatever....drama queen. Anyhow I also want you all to know that Hemi is fine now...and those of you that donated I am sure she is very greatful...what a good bunch of doggies we have see you later....hugs and kisses to my man Mango..and Wally..oh and joey and tanner and ....well you get the point...MJ OUT


Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
I am so happy to know that KOKO is doing better. I hope she can move back soon and have a great time with you! Paws crossed!
Your Dad is gone again?? Hmmm... I hope he has a great time in South America!
No pictures of you?? That is not fair!
Kisses and hugs

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Walnuts? In corners? Would that be in the shell or cracked open? Hmmmmm! Do you have to change them every so often? We'll do anything to keep spiders away.


Love and hugs...


Fragrant Liar said...

Looks like you have been followed by the Pupparazzi.

Glad Koko is doing better, I guess. Since he is a dog!


Dexter said...

MJ, I am glad your friend is doing better. That must be such a relief for you and your family.

I cannot believe your dad took the camera with him. All I can say is he better send back some cool photos.

Does this mean I won't see you for like a totally long time? How will I survive?


Fragrant Liar said...

Whoa! Okay, I'm reading challenged sometimes. Hey, felines are too fidgety for it. But I'm incredibly glad Koko survived swine flu AND pneumonia. That and a coma -- well that's just about as frightening as it gets.

Next time I promise to read better so I can tell my owner the real facts and nothin' but the facts.


Astrid Keel said...

We're so happy to hear that Koko is doing better.

What are we going to do without photos of you since your daddy has the flashie-beast?

Joe Stains said...

We are so so so soooo glad to hear the good news about Koko!! Sorry your Mom had to get a job but hey, Starbucks is nice at least you get yummy coffee!!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Will someone please steal/ borrow/ break my mom's camera please??!
Glad to hear that Koko is doing better...

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

great pics - hope your dad gets home safe an sound very soon

Thanx again for all the support for Woodrow - hopefully the power of the paw will prevail - We are going to try and catch up on our bloggies today - but please be patient

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Archie said...

Hi MJ! I found your blog through dogswhoblog. Love your humor!

wally said...

MJ. Your mom was right. I did enjoy those photos a great deal. I hope KOKO is back and napping with you soon.

Wow. Your dad must really like chili. He'd better bring some back.

wally t.