Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So today mom and I went to see Grandma....and grandma has a dog that looks just like Sophie. I told Sophie it was a pleasure to meet her and she said...."hey mj....lets have a bottle of wine, I would say glass but grandma doesnt let me use the good crystal." (and plastic glasses are just a big no no in her house...)

Anyhow ...it seems that Sophie is a bit of light weight...she was out of it in a hurry. Which is alright really...all the more for me. I had to keep an eye on my pull toy though...I saw her eyeing it...And nobody gets it until all the stuffin is out.

Wow...things are getting a little blurry...I cant figure out what happened.....

aaahhhh back to the stuffie....anyhow after this mom thought she should take me to the beach to sober me up and cool me off....it was 32 degrees today here...and it is only May....it is going to be a long summer I think.

We saw lots of these skinny birds at the beach......anyhow...i really need to say hi to my Auntie and Uncle...they were at my house no the weekend and they brought my favorite cousin maggie...but mom could not find the camera anywhere....which is okay with me. Anyhow my Auntie Frances always gets mad when we dont update this here blog...and today she has a sore back today...so I want to send slobbery kisses to auntie Frances......sluuuuuuuuurpy
MJ Out


Lorenza said...

Did you drink all that bottle??
Hmmm.... I hope you did not have a hangover!
I hope Auntie Frances feels better soon!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

omdog, Sophie passed out?! I can't believe it. I thought in all her experience she'd be able to drink some dogs under the table. Next time invite me when you two good looking ladies start drinking...

Dexter said...

Careful with that stuff MJ. Anything could happen.


Astrid Keel said...

Oh my dog, MJ! You could drink BOTH my parents under the table!

Petra said...

32 degrees in May? That's just not right! I'm glad you had a good time, MJ ~~ and give your Auntie Frances slobbery kisses from me, too, okay?!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Miss MJ!

You need to stop by the park on the weekend... Sam has a story to tell about our last groomer's visit and a part of him that was snipped that shouldn't have been! He's okay now but we were all traumatized for a few days!

It's a sad story so bring cookies!