Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The goings on Of Me and My Kids and Bear

It is a beautiful day out here...and my friend Bear...she was over looking for some cookies but all we had was cold prime said she would just have to suffer...

My mom is soooooooooooo proud of her yellow flowers...she works very hard to grow these flowers and dad was so mean...he got the grass chopper out and chopped them mean is that...all that hard work gone to pot...

Mom and I love this picture...obviously this is my baby girl Zippy. She is the cuterest baby girl ever. She looks like a baby tiger dont ya think. See what she did to mom's screens....(well we will blame her anyhow...she is way too cute to get mad at...)

Whoops how did this get here...I am just having a little afternoon siesta....excuse me...

Oh Carter...he is pretty cute too...he sleeps very funny...what he doesnt know is that this is my couch. Mom got it from a friend for me. I try and push the cats off, but they are faster than me. By the time I get comfy they are trying to push me off. Anyhow this is all that is going on here right now. Time for my after supper nap...I will check in on blogland soon...MJ OUT


Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
I am so sorry for your mom's flowers!
They "were" beautiful!
Happy sleeping time!
Kisses and hugs

Life With Dogs said...

Couch battles are always fun. Who won?

Petra said...

Hey, those beautiful yellow flowers look familiar. They grow at my house, too!

You are so kind to share your couch with others, MJ, because you take up most of it when you're sleeping. I am impressed!

Dexter said...

MJ Darlin,
You certainly know how to fill up a couch. That sleeping position looks kind of complicated.

Sorry about your mom's yellow flowers, but I have a feeling they will grow back. They are good to eat, you know. Nom, nom, nom.

I never met an actual tiger, but I always thought they were bigger. Go figure.

Slobber kisses,

P.S. I hope your ARFritus druggies are workin ok.

the Corgi Girls said...

We LOVE how you remodeled the couch to your liking!!! Way to go!

Charlie said...

We love Zippy! And of course you too, MJ!!

Joe Stains said...

Your cat buddies are pretty darn cute, for cats. and I am sure they broke that screen!