Saturday, March 28, 2009


hELlo blogger doggers...Today has been such a beautiful day, and I have some pictures, but some of the things that went on...I have none..But I will articulate it all for you. Anyhow todays big adventure was that mom told me I was going to see my Auntie Megan.. So tonight I hopped in my car, commandered a driver...(mom) and off we went to find her. When we got there I looked everywhere. We went up hills, down hills, around a big huge cage, i looked in garbage cans, no megan in the garbage cans, which is really too bad cuz those cans smelled almost as good as she does. Anyhow after about 6 hours ..(umm mj..that would be 20 minutes..and we were a little early) I said...after about 6 HOURS of searching Megan came out of the building. She was playing with her friends, and didnt even invite me...Anyhow then she said my favorite words.....FAST FOOD. mom drove her to Wendys and got a Baconator and Fries...and We was amazing....I do love people who share.

Anyhow Spring has sprung in my city....we went for a walk at the park. here are some pretty little flowers that i dont mind telling you smelled pretty good...but smelled awesome after I finished with them......

and my mom said these are teeny tiny daffydills....she said they are so tiny...but i said they need a little something.....and we know what that was dont we.

I finished off with all my important mailing, so mom and I headed on home....for supper tonight...(before the awesome wendys trip) we had steak. I always get my own so I never complain. Anyhow because this post is kinda is a picture of me resting up getting ready to go and see auntie megan..and...dreaming about my big dancing night with the Mango...I cant wait to see what they chose for me to wear....Love you big guy......mj out...


Dexter said...

I almost can't bear how sweet you are in the last picture. Rest up for our big dance weekend. I have no idea what Petey is planning, but I am just happy to be seeing your lovliness again.


Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
You had a nice walkie! With Baconator and all!
I am sure you are going to have a pawesome time dancing!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

Sounds like quite the adventure you had. I need to get a driver to take me to Wendy's now, I could so use some fries. You look so so cute in that last pic.

wally said...

Wow, what a busy day. I would be exhausted! Some nice flower photos but the ones of you are my favorites.

I need one of those driver dealies to get me some fast food.

wally t.

Sophie Brador said...

MJ, You are the cutest sleeper ever. Clearly, I am going to need to practice my sleeping so that I can be as adorable as you.


Petra said...

I wish I could cuddle up and take a nap with you, MJ; you look so peaceful!

The pictures of the flowers are beautiful! I love spring!