Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well today has been a most unpleasant day for me. little 4 and a half month old puppy friend....has just been here for a visit. We went to the park first. It was okay at the park, and tomorrow we will have lots of pictures from that. Anyhow I am not calling Buddha, Hef, because he thinks he is the little man. This is what happened to me several times while he was annoying...I warned Hef that Mango would probably see this...but he didnt care...I guess I amjust that much of a woman...oh my lordie....i need a rest.


Dexter said...

MJ!!! NO!!! That is wrong! That is no way to treat a lady!

Sure, if he wanted to flirt with you a little I would understand, but the humping! Oh, the horror! I see that you handled yourself with as much dignity as possible. I suggest next time you give him a quick muzzle butt and send his humping little self across the room.

Let me know if I need to give him a smack down.


Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
Sorry but I had a good laugh watching the video!
Sure Buddha is funny!
Kisses and hugs

Kelli said...

Hi MJ!
Buddah or "Hef" better watch out for Mango! I bet he just couldn't help himself! BOL!
:) Tibby

Stanley said...

Sweet MJ!

Looks to me like 1)Buddha has good taste; 2)Buddha can't get enough of his MJ; and 3)Buddha is in the "advanced" category of humping. MAN! He sure is loving you. Are you a cougar who intentionally attracts the attention of younger pups, or are you simply that irresistible to him?

Just wondering...

Goob love,

Stanislaw said...

Miss Thang,
I am a gentleman. I am a good-natured guy and a hoot at the bark park. Heck, I've even been called a "party animal." But if you tried that move on me... I will teach you your lesson! Some things are just SOOOO not okay. I say it's some bum-kicking time!

Nazila Merati said...

If you are thinking of running for Premier of BC I would highly recommend either getting married to Buddha now or consider getting a good lawyer.

Trust me, I know.


Anonymous said...


Hate to say we told you so but, well, we told you so... this is what happens to pitbulls that sleep with cats... you've lost all credibility as a scary pitbull and now us small dogs won't treat you with the respect you deserve!

We tried to warn you...

And really, you could have warned us about the video... we snorted water out our noses all over the keyboard when we watched... how are we supposed to explain that to our mom?

your buds,

Sam and Pippen

Joe Stains said...

Look at that little guy just going to town!! He sure is a cheeky little fellow!