Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A little Mish Mash of Life

So...I just have some things to show you...things that I find important but maybe nobody else does....I just have to get some things off my chest. Here is a picture of me TRYING to get some sleep. It would be alot better if I had more room, but my brother INSIST on sharing his bed with me. I mean we have two couches that he could very easily sleep on...but nooooooooo...he has to sleep in his bed where I enjoy sleeping....

Second issue, yesterday was my moms birthday, and...her friend Kathy brought me a present. If you cant tell by this picture ...it is an 8 week old puppy. His name is Budha. He is the cutest little fir ball I have ever got to play with.

It was really really hard to get a picture of us playing cuz we didnt really stay still for very long...but the problem is...and here is where i am not so happy...that when Kathy left.....so did Budha....who brings me a present then takes it home. Golly. He was so cute....I already miss him so.

Do you see this gross thing.....this is Carter being very very very very very bad. I assume he is bad though because when he brings these things in for mom, she is not amused....in fact...she screams a horrible scream...and Carter tries to grab this think and run around the house...but then she screams some more....mom is so glad dad will be home in three sleeps....

Here is Carter being cute. He is asleep in a shopping bag.....so cute....He thinks it is his sleeping bag. Just like you Joe.

Now I would like to apologize to Sam and Pippin and all my friends at Saxe Point Doggy park for "forgetting" their names. I just want my best friends Sam and Pippin to know that it was not really me who forgot ...mom is very forgetful lately....And she says she is sorry for blaming me. (next time i want it in writing)..Anyhow Sam and Pippin...you should get ablog....and I am so sorry my mom isnt so smart sometime...how could I ever forget you.

now last but definately not least...my dad will be home in 3 sleeps...can you imagine....it was like 195 days now it is 3...I am so exited.....anyhow until later MJ out...cold..hahahha



Woof MJ

That is one cute pup. And very tiny too. What do you do with a pup that small? And what's with the cat? Can you bring him to the party? Would that be a bad thing?

Desert Pups


Almost forgot, tell your Mom Happy Birthday.

Desert Pups

Dexter said...

MJ, darlin, if you want that puppy you will need to hide it someplace safe next time so they don't take it away. Also, that mouse catching is not nice. He should at least take them someplace where they won't upset mom.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Well, though mouse catching isn't great ... it does mean that the mouse isn't alive in your house anymore, right? Tell your mom happy birthday.

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Happy birthday to your mom MJ! Good grief, it is nearly time for your Dad to be home. We bet you are all very excited!!

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom, MJ!
Only 3 more days!!!!
That mouse was Carter's present for your mom??
Kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a cute furry doggie Budha is. OH I hope Carter is not in trouble for bringing that mousie to your mom

~ Girl girl

Dexter said...

MJ! Don't be sad. I will tell you a HUGE secret. Scruffy is making himself a Mango costume so that he can visit with Baylee while I hang out with you (Shhhh.. don't tell).

Will you have to leave the party early to greet your dad? Only 7 more days, right?


Anonymous said...

Dude! We keep harassing our mom to make us a blog, all she says is maybe one day! Pretty soon we'll do it ourselves! Sam has been practicing his typing skills while mom is at work...

We like your new little puppy - Sam says he looked just like that when he was a baby! I wouldn't know... he's way older than I am!

Say happy happy to your mom!

your friends, Sam and Pip!

Joe Stains said...

That little dog really is just a ball of fir. I can't tell which end is which?? Carter is bad for bringing that gross thing in, but he means well I am sure of it. Plus how cool is he to want to have sleeping bag just like me!!! OMDOG I am behind so your Dad is ALMOST HOME!