Saturday, May 12, 2007

Zippy and I have had quite a day. Here she is ....about to pounce on me. Sometimes I pretend to be sleeping. It is very hard to be mommy to such an active little furball.

Here we are again. Look at her trying to copy me. She thinks her mouth is as big as mine. Hahah so cute....

Okay Zippy, time for you to go for a nap. I am just too tired to fight all day.

Has anyone else been to visit Beagledom. I went yesterday. I accidentally called her a him. But she is a very cute little Beagle. I am so glad her two dads got a new puppy. Anyhow I must go now. I had a hard time getting these pictures posted. Mommy near went nuts. She said some words I am not allowed to repeat. But it took us at least 10 tries before Blogger accepted Whew. Anyohw you all have a good Mothers Day tomorrow. I wonder if Zippy will remember?


The Army of Four said...

Hey MJ! Great news - Stormy said it's not too late for you to join the Ao4! Check our post & comments from Saturday!!!
Play bows,

Tadpole said...

You and Zippy together is just precious! She LOVES you!!!