Friday, October 20, 2006


oh oh SOMEONE has an itchy bum..or..maybe i am just practicing for my sisters itchy bum olympics

What a great day to go for a walk at Flemings beach

Look at me....I am the Queen of the park..
Some day i plan to just run up this cliff...

my mommy loves this picture...she said to tell you to click on it to make it bigger...

So today was a good day for Me. I got to go to the beach with my momma and brother. It was such a beautiful day. There weren't many butts to sniff...but man...I dont really care...I just love going for walks to the brother said he could swear I was smiling....If you look carefully in the picture of me being queen of the will see it I think. Then we came home and mom went to work...I HATE THE W WORD....but...get this....when mom got off work at 1130 ...she came and got me and said we were going for a walk...I couldnt believe my especially soft beautiful silky ears....i think momma was losing her mind...but she wasnt...and then I was even more excited to see my special pal Meghan in the car....OH how i kissed her and slobbered all over momma says i should call her I will...anyhow we went down to ogden was very dark and we couldnt see anything but we could hear the waves crashing on the have NO excited I was....i looked over the rail and i could see the ocean....but we couldnt go down....anyhow we walked a bit then we took auntie meghan home...and now i am home and just finished stealing the butter off the table...mommy said she is in too good of a mood to yell at me...but she will have a chat with my father in the morning....OHOH...MJ OUT

PS...I just got a comment from studly Dudly..but I can't find his blog...Dudley if you come back here can you please leave me a comment with your blog address...and thankyou for visiting mine..MJ


Anonymous said...

MJ it was so fun going for a walk tonight... I glad you enjoyed it as I truly did. I hope we can convince your mom to do it again...
PSSSSST wish your Momma a HB for me ...kiss her lots
Love and Hugs Auntie M

Studly Dudley said...

Hi MJ!!
I've always been a big fan of your blog, especially the name "house of slobber" because that's what my mum says she lives in ever since I came into the family. You are so pretty! I finally figured out how to work things so I have my own shiny new dogblog now too and I wanted to lumber right over and say hi! And yes, also to show off my new bloggy.. it's almost as good as getting a new bone. Well, heck, nothing's QUITE as good as food but you know what I mean!


Onion said...

Thanks for the nudge! I've got my plus-one blogging again -- I've made it clear that just because I'm sleeping, it doesn't mean she can't write all about me! See you soon -- wish I could join you and walk along the coast. It looks fab!

The Army of Four said...

Ha roo! I like that last picture, too. We don't see things like that here in Kansas. I wonder why not?
Play bows,

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey MJ,

Lookin good girlfriend :-) Mumma is feeling better - and says thanks for your concern, but she didn't really need the extra licks :-)

Here is Studly Dudleys blog addy -


Jay said...

Wow... I'm sure you had fun!