Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vacations stink

hey ...MJ here....not too much to say here. Mom is better...although i think I like it better when she is at home. Her ankle is not hurting her so much. She said she took some magic pills today and it made her foot not hurt...and work was much more fun...I want some magic pills. Anyhow things are very strange around here. I see the bigggggggggggg purses coming out. Daddy is filling it will all this stuff....so far so good though..I havent seen mommy packing...I think...in case mommy does Pack i will sneak in her suitcase. She packs alot of stuff so i dont think she will notice another couple pounds...do you? Anyhow i gotta go and sleep..THe stress is making me very tired. Thanks God mommy re stocked the scooby snacks..yummmmy. Goodnight all...MJ OUT
Hey everybody..Mjs mommy here. We are leaving on a ten day vacation to the queen charlotte islands. Unfortunately MJ can't come with us. I will miss her like crazy, but she will be here with her brother and sister and uncles and friends, so I am sure she will not be short of entertainment. UNCLE TONY even said he would take her to the beach. Good times for MJ> Anyhow I am not sure she will be blogging while we are away. But Rick might help her out. You never know. (there wont be photos though cuz the camera is coming with me...So you all have a good two weeks. I cant wait to read all your blogs when I get home....


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Poor M-J, being left behind :-( Although, it will make for LOTS of treats and attention when they get back ! Try and have fun with all your minders - train them good !

Glad your mum's foot is feeling better - and hope that your mum and dad have a GREAT time away.

M-J, we will miss your blogs - but imagine all the catching up you will have to do when they get back. Take care buddy - I will miss you :-(

Mucho love,


Sunshade said...

Oh MJ, I'm sure you will be fully entertained by your large family while your mommy's away. My mom was just away for two weeks and my grandpa looked after me. I was a little sad at first, but grandpa took me to the beach everyday and he even took me to VICTORIA to play with some of my puppyhood friends (Windsor Park Dog Group).

Tell your mom to have fun and take lots of pictures!! Oh, and no more BOOM BOOM's ok??

I'll miss ya,
Miss Sunshade

Tigersan said...

You can do it MJ.... like Opy said, just think of all the love and attention coming back at ya... it is love with interest!!! Charge them 6.2% ;)

Charlie The Big Dog said...

ONLY 6.2%?

Oh Tigersan, you need to take my course, I call it "Send your Humans on a GUILT trip"

You can get WAY more than that :-)