Monday, August 21, 2006

Pooey Pooooey...weekend

The CAT...on the other end of MY couch

Me looking a wee bit angry with mother

Okay so normally weekends are pretty rockin around the house...but since the whole BOOOOM incident last week, mommy has been very boring. All she wants to do is sit on her she actually called back up to take me to the beach. I mean I know I should be happy that at least I got to go to the beach, but it just isnt the same with mom. (I know I am a bit sappy...but it is just something we do together.) But i was lying here on my couch...thinking that maybe if the mommy doesnt feel better, the vacation will be cancellled...and Mommy will stay home with me. This is maybe going to be a good thing for me. Or maybe there will be another big booooooooom...we can only wish. So anyhow i dont have too much to say..i have just been spending alot of time resting up. Mama says that byTuesday she promises me a walk somewhere. OH i guess I can hope. Anyhow MJ is OUTTA here...


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Yikes MJ - that is some "death stare" you have happening there ! Maybe yoy could be an honorary "gruffpuppy" :-)


Tigersan said...

Me read up on the Boom incident. Be careful over there! Oh, and me see the cat... be even more careful ;)

Isabella said...

Hey MJ! How can you not like baths?? Makes me feel important to have my human on her knees washing me (as she complains about her aching back-hee hee). I pretend I am the Queen of Egypt and she is my slave bathing and perfuming me. Gee, I hope she doesn't read this and decide to start dropping me off at PetSmart for my baths.
Thanks for voting me- that is really sweet of you. It cheered me up since I've been feeling kind of down since Zach dumped me for the new Eskie girl, Hana. She is really pretty and has jewelry.
Big Wags,